Country: China


SHV (China) operates ten LPG service stations in Guangzhou and supplies more than 8000 taxis and 2000 busses on a daily basis. The LPG we supply saves taxi and bus operators money and contributes to improving air quality. We have also started to invest in LNG stations in Guangzhou. The Guangzhou government has recognised our contribution to making public transport more sustainable.

Benefits of LPG

Environment benefits:

Our supply of LPG in Guangzhou City, has led to a substantial decrease in diesel and petrol consumption. This equates to an annual decrease of 22.000 tonnes of CO2 and 417 tonnes of particulate matter.

Economic benefits:

Taxis that use LPG instead of gasoline can save 2000 to 4000 RMB per car each month. Furthermore, buses have decreased their fuel consumption by almost 20%.