Country: Germany

Since 2010, PRIMAGAS has engaged in official cooperation with CO2 Online, a non-profit organisation based in Berlin. This company has been involvedĀ in climate protection since 2003 and is supported by the Federal Environment Ministry. Its goals include lowering energy consumption of private households, reducing CO2 emissions, and fighting against heating oil.

Different partners from many fields, like energy companies, financial institutes, and politics, collaborate in helping to achieve these goals. PRIMAGAS is the only LPG partner in the network, as well as the official partner of the Climate Protection Campaign.

The aim of this cooperative initiative is development of different actions to convince customers to reduce their CO2emissions and install efficient heating systems, through implementation of LPG energy calculators and advisors like refurbishment checks. Other aspects involve development of an LPG landing page for oil customers, as well as placement of interviews and reference stories online and offline. This information can be accessed on the homepage