Country: India

In conventional electrical vaporizers, the liquid LPG is passed through a coil immersed into a hot water bath maintained at a temperature of 60 °C and above. Electrical heaters are used to heat the water. Heat is absorbed by the liquid LPG from the surrounding hot water and it gets converted to LPG vapour.

This revolutionary product has been pioneered by our associate partner ‘GASTECH CORPORATION’. The Heaterless Vaporizer works on the principle of thermodynamics – the system is designed to reduce the pressure and temperature of liquid LPG. The process to bring this cooled LPG to ambient temperature is achieved by a special heat exchanger. This heat exchanger works on continuous flow of ambient temperature water from a water storage tank in a closed loop circulation without consumption. The whole process achieves LPG in vapour form at the requisite pressure and flow rate, which is then used at the end application.


Cost Effective: Savings of expensive electrical energy of 6KW to 36KW per hour (refer Table – 1).

Reliable: Trouble free operation due to lower temperature and optimum pressure working.

Safe: Duly approved by PESO. No electrical heaters hence reduce safety hazards.

Lower Corrosion and Scaling: The heat transfer surfaces of vaporizer are entirely of stainless steel with brass baffles which reduces corrosion & scaling.

Lower Maintenance: As there are no electrical heaters, hence lower maintenance.

Installation Requirements

Heaterless Vaporizer Capacity (Kg/Hr) Water Storage Tank Size (KL)
50 30
100 60
150 90
200 120
250 150
300 180

NOTE: Water tank is not required if you have cooling tower & its water sump is used for water circulation to vaporizers. In the process you increase the efficiency of your cooling tower by reducing the water temperature.

Table 1

Capacity (kg/hr) Electrical Vaporizer Load (KW) Heaterless Vaporizer Load (KW) Electrical Vaporizer Monthly Cost(Rs) Heaterless Vaporizer Monthly Cost(Rs) *Monthly Savings (Rs) Yearly Savings
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E)-=(C)-(D) (F)=(E)*12
50 6 0.5 19440 2160 17280 207360
100 12 0.75 38880 3240 35640 427680
150 18 1 58320 4320 54000 648000
200 24 1 77760 4320 73440 881280
250 30 1.5 97200 6480 90720 1088640
300 36 1.5 116640 6480 110160 1321920

Monthly cost calculation is done assuming the following criteria: 1) Vaporizer will be in operation for 24 hrs a day 2) 75% of the time electrical heaters of the vaporizer are ON & the rest of the time will be OFF (thermostat effect) 3) 30 working days per month 4) Electricity Tariff: Rs. 6 per KWH. *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on operating conditions.