Country: India

Sustainability Awareness Week was celebrated during Feb 18-22, 2013, across all locations in SHV India. The novelty and relevance of the programme, being the first of its kind in the company, generated a lot of involvement and enthusiasm among all the staff. An interesting mix of events, which were conducted daily, kept curiosity high. Here is a summary of the week…

Day 1 The event started with a video message by the CEO on the relevance of sustainability in business and personal lives. This was followed by a video on sustainability, as well as a presentation on ‘Sustainability at SHV Energy’.

Day 2 A short video entitled ‘Save Our World’ on the role we can play in sustainability was shown. This was followed by an ‘Expert Talk’ for most locations, during which guest speakers discussed about various sustainability-related topics (Corporate Office – “Eco-friendly alternatives”; Chennai – “Sustainable energy solutions”; Tuticorin – “Renewable energy”; Kolkata – “Environmental impact on sustainability”). In all other locations, there were productive discussions on sustainability initiatives.

Day 3 This was the day of the sustainability quiz. We received around 175 entries (excluding repeats) with 19 fully correct answers.

Day 4 and Day 5 These were the days of suggestions, reflections and action plans. Many suggestions were received from across the regions. Action plans were also finalised for every location.

There were many other notable initiatives, like tree planting in the presence of the CEO at a local school in Babra, tree planting at customer premises by Retail and Industrial Teams in Chennai, and sapling distribution to all employees in Chennai etc.

Commendable ground work by the Sustainability Team (Amiya, Mitul, Saibabu and Vibha – supported and guided by Uttam and Shreekanta) and great coordination by the Regional Coordinators (South: Chamundeswari, Balakrishnan; East: Sanjay Sarkar; West: Renu Patel; North: Susheel, Sunil, Beena), served to ensure the event was properly organised, highly appreciated and well attended.

By signing the Sustainability Pledge, we have committed to sustainability and now need to implement the action plans. As we look forward to the next Sustainability Week, the eco-friendly jute shopping bag will serve as a memento of this year’s events.