Country: Turkey
Business Unit: Ipragaz
Opening Turkey’s first bottle-filling plant in 1962 in Yarimca, our company also filled up the first ever gas bottle in Turkey.

For 52 years now, İpragaz has been at the forefront of the industry with its state-of-the-art applications and leading innovations across the industry.

One of these initiatives involves waste water treatment units installed at our filling plants. We focused on the possibility of purifying and recycling water used in our plants, and indeed reusing waste water wherever possible.

We set up a waste water processing facility at our filling plants, including biological waste water treatment. This allowed us to save a substantial amount of water.

This system was first implemented at our Yarimca plant, followed by Kırıkkale, Ankara, Hadimköy and Denizli, generating a reduction in water use of 8,000 tonnes a month.