SHV ENERGY Carbon Count 2012

About this report

Our organisation meets the energy needs of over 30 million customers across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Spanning hundreds of different applications, SHV Energy companies are committed to better serving the needs of they customers and regions. Browse our global company locations and find a business near you.

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Innovations that SuperGasbras has been developing with the use of LP Gas in the agribusiness sector are worthy of mention, because their recent application......

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Atmospheric Vaporisation

We have introduced a system that uses ambient thermal energy to vaporise LP Gas, demonstrating quality, efficiency and economy... ...

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Asphalt Plant

Currently, use of LP gas in the Brazilian automotive industry is basically restricted to forklifts and it would be very difficult for any other energy source to replace it as a fuel for this equipment......

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Transport accounts for 90% of our total emissions


Our total emissions amount to 10% of the CO2 emitted by a typical 800MW coal fired plant


Operations make up only 2%M of our footprint