Innovations that SuperGasbras has been developing with the use of LP Gas in the agribusiness sector are worthy of mention, because their recent application......

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Atmospheric Vaporisation

We have introduced a system that uses ambient thermal energy to vaporise LP Gas, demonstrating quality, efficiency and economy... ...

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Asphalt Plant

Currently, use of LP gas in the Brazilian automotive industry is basically restricted to forklifts and it would be very difficult for any other energy source to replace it as a fuel for this equipment......

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Paper & Cellulose

LP gas is highly advantageous in the paper and cellulose industry for use with paper-drying technologies, as it has the capacity to replace polluting energy sources......

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Differentiated logistics

The objective of the SuperGasbras logistics system is to efficiently contribute to the continued improvement of the level of service we offer our clients and partners. Due to the extensive...

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New truck loading system

n the past, our workers loaded cylinders into the truck using only one hand and that led many of them to suffer shoulder injuries. Now they have been instructed to use ......

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Ecologic Floor

SuperGasbras thinks 'green' and has therefore created an ecological flooring project. It involves replacing the wood used for manufacture of its truck floors with biosynthetic wood in order to contribute ......

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Reducing VOC

The 'ecological system' is an unprecedented development within the LP gas filling industry, the result of an investment by SuperGasbras of around R$1 million. It includes a set of solutions ......

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Water Project

Water consumption in the modern world is constantly on the increase, and despite the fact that it covers 70% of the planet's surface, less than 1% of this vast resource ... ...

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Ipragaz Supports the TOG Community project

Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG – Community Volunteers Foundation) was founded in December 2002. The Foundation contributes to the personal development of young people by encouraging them to participate in social ......

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My People

Primagaz in - Benelux has initiated a unique training programme for team leaders and other young employees that have shown growth potential. The ‘My People’ programme is aimed at developing the skills and ......

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The Green Tour… mobilising people everywhere

An interactive road show of eight meetings was undertaken throughout France to present the Green Team and its leaders to everyone, but also to sign our sustainability charter, explain our ......

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Sustainability week

On April 5, during the French sustainability week, we decided to transform all our combined energy by counting our steps with a pedometer for everyone. The goal was to reach 500,000 ......

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Community Champion

As part of Calor’s environmental commitment, in 2012 Calor set up the Calor Community Champion campaign. This campaign was focused on Calor's search to find the local champions in communities ... ...

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Calor Talent and Development Programmes

Calor is fully committed to supporting the on-going development of our people as we strive to become a learning organisation, recognising performance as part of our five year business strategy ... ...

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Pensioners’ meeting

Every year, PRIMAGAS organises a meeting for our pensioners and invites them to spend an afternoon together in nice surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. The eldest of our pensioners is ......

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Top employer

The internationally renowned Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) named Primagas, one of Germany’s leading LPG suppliers, ‘Best Employer’ for a second year in a row. Indeed, Primagas figures among the ‘Top ......

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SOS Children’s Village

Prímagáz Hungária Zrt. is fully committed to its social responsibilities and makes every effort to support worthy non-governmental organisations as far as possible. One such organisation is the SOS Children's ......

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AFM Téléthon: Cure trough Innovation

What is AFM-Téléthon? With 50 years of experience, the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon) represents patients and families affected by a rare and progressive genetic illness that results in serious handicaps: ......

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Talent and Development Programme

Fulfilling the full potential of employees and maximising the range of talent and skills available in the business is very important at Calor. The Company has a strong heritage of ......

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Woodland Trust Calor Wood

As part of Calor's environmental commitment, in 2009 Calor joined forces with the Woodland Trust - the UK's leading woodland conservation charity - to help tackle climate change, enhance local communities ......

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Mais Energia

SuperGasbras Mais Energia (More Energy) is a nutritional safety and recycling project, whose main purpose is to contribute to the reduction of waste and the minimisation of hunger. It focuses ......

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Ya’an Earthquake Initaitives

The 7.0 earthquake jolting Ya'an City in Sichuan Province on 20 April 2012 resulted in numerous casualties and scores of people needing immediate support including food, clean water, tents and ......

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Sustainability Awareness Week

Sustainability Awareness Week was celebrated during Feb 18-22, 2013, across all locations in SHV India. The novelty and relevance of the programme, being the first of its kind in the ......

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Daylan Lagoon

Marinegas is a clean alternative to diesel and petrol. Using Marinegas eliminates the risk of water pollution and reduces emissions. Dalyan Lagoon is located in Southwestern part of Turkey. Within the ......

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Industrial LNG

With the first contract signed in Belgium, we now supply LNG installations to industrial customers, thus offering a real alternative to heating oil or heavy oil for off grid businesses. Primagaz ......

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Domestic Heating Oil to LPG conversions

In Benelux, especially Belgium, a large number of households still rely on polluting solid or liquid fuels, such as heating oil or coal combined with a low efficiency boiler. We ... ...

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mCHP Association

Since 2010, PRIMAGAS has been a member of the B.KWK (mCHP federation), with Thomas Landmann, sales director, a member of the executive committee since 2011. PRIMAGAS is the only LPG ......

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Energy Revolution

Together with the contracting company German Contract, PRIMAGAS launched a campaign entitled „Energierevolution“. The kick-off meeting took place at the Climate House in Bremerhaven, where one can walk ...

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Cooperation on CO2 online

Since 2010, PRIMAGAS has engaged in official cooperation with CO2 Online, a non-profit organisation based in Berlin. This company has been involved in climate protection since 2003 and is supported by ......

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First mCHP implementation in Poland

With the installation of the first mCHP unit of its kind in Poland, GASPOL transformed the gas filling plant in Pleszew into a sustainable power plant. At present, the filling ......

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Growth through performance

Primagaz France has recently launched two new energy solutions, which are the first step beyond LPG. The first one is a new energy source for the French market: LNG. It positions ......

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FREE Initiative in Poland

Polish rural areas are undergoing significant social and economic changes. However, access to modern and efficient energy sources in those areas is often poor and residents use mainly traditional sources ......

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Focus on Conversion from Liquid Fuel to LPG

Team SHV India has been focused on conversion from liquid fuels and electricity to LPG for a long time. Seventy-one customers have converted to LPG from other fuels since 2009 ......

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Clean Public Transport

SHV (China) operates ten LPG service stations in Guangzhou and supplies more than 8000 taxis and 2000 busses on a daily basis. The LPG we supply saves taxi and bus ......

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Heaterless Vaporizer

In conventional electrical vaporizers, the liquid LPG is passed through a coil immersed into a hot water bath maintained at a temperature of 60 °C and above. Electrical heaters are ......

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GO – Our Sustainability Policy

Each year, the global need for energy increases. Taking into consideration the energy needs of communities, we are fully aware of our responsibility in terms of the environmental, economic and ......

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The Green Team

The Green Team is the front line in our philosophy to act daily and concretely on sustainability. Anything and everything is possible; we just need to set the stakes by being ......

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Sustainability Charter

Those joining our initiative pledge to comply with our charter and commitments to our shareholders, especially on new energy and service offers to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers ......

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Logistics and supply chain review

In 2010, Calor Ireland installed a suite of digital logistics software and hardware products to drive improvement and efficiency in its bulk Operations activity. The products included a Forecasting system to ......

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Green Printing

As of now, we will successively change our printing material; all printed matter will be produced on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper, an organisation that works to improve forest management ......

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We launched this project at the beginning of 2011 and have just concluded the first part, which is the analysis phase. The goals of the project were: To map the status of...

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Tanks Refurbishment

Calor is keen to preserve natural resources and where possible recycle raw materials. In light of this, Calor saw a great opportunity to work in collaboration with our sister company ......

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IDS & Fleet Reduction

In 2004, Calor GB introduced an Integrated Distribution Strategy (IDS) across its Transport and Distribution Operations to drive continuous environmental improvements and maximise efficiencies across its value chain. Since 2004...

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Lean project

From October 2011 to January 2012, we carried out a comprehensive Lean Project aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, making our operations more efficient and reducing our environmental footprint. Some of ......

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