In the supply chain (or product life cycle) of LPG, SHV Energy occupies four links (or boxes): production (as performed by S&RM), wholesale (to other LPG distributors), bulk (including Autogas), and cylinder. The production and cylinder businesses dominate the corporate footprint, each accounting for about 45% of the total. The bulk business  accounts for another tenth, while the wholesale footprint is very minor.

The administrative footprint is negligible – Hoofddorp headquarters come in at 292 tonnes of CO2, less than 0.01% of the corporate total. Footprints of Hoofddorp and other offices (which are mostly operational) have been allocated to the business types in proportion to corporate sales volumes of LPG. This analysis of course raises the question of normalised footprints by business, i.e. what is the footprint per unit of LPG. Due to the nature of the data collection, these could not be calculated precisely, but they have been estimated.