SHV ENERGY Carbon Count 2013

About this report

Sustainability is all about how we live our lives and run our business. We are a family owned company. We therefore think long term rather than in quarterly results. The very notion of sustainable thinking is in line with our company strategy. Sustainability is not just part of our business, it is our business.

Better, Cleaner, Together
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Asphalt Plant

Currently, use of LP gas in the Brazilian automotive industry is basically restricted to forklifts and it would be very difficult for any other energy source to replace it as a fuel for this equipment......

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Differentiated logistics

The objective of the SuperGasbras logistics system is to efficiently contribute to the continued improvement of the level of service we offer our clients and partners. Due to the extensive...

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Cleaner Roads

Not only does LPG make transport cleaner, the team at the Zhuhai operations centre decided to tidy up the roads too. Within the framework of the Save a Tonne campaign, 30 ......

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2% - Represent the emissions related to rail or barge transport.


50% - South America’s footprint is roughly equal to that of Asia and Europe combined, because of significantly-greater transport distances and a cylinder-heavy business.


77% - Of our emissions come from diesel use.