Bulk and cylinder sales constitute about 80% of sales volume (about 40% each). However, cylinders represent over two-thirds of the total footprint, while bulk accounts for about one quarter. Wholesale’s footprint of about 2% is a statistically insignificant proportion.
Business type Footprint Scope
Cylinder 139 From terminal through delivery to retailer. Does not include customer transport, from retailer onward.
Bulk 55 From terminal to customer tank.
Wholesale 7 Storage and overheads only, assumes no transport – i.e. customer picks up loads at the SHV terminal or depot.

LPG-distribution’s administrative footprint is negligible. Our headquarters in Hoofddorp generate 278 tonnes of CO2, 0.05% of the company’s total. The footprint of our offices Hoofddorp and other locations (which are mostly operational) have been allocated to the business types in proportion to LPG sales volumes by business type.