LPG-distribution is SHV Energy’s main business. This involves the transport and packaging of LPG, starting at terminals and finishing with the delivery of gas to customers, either wholesale, in bulk (including Autogas) and in cylinders. This activity is common among all our business units and is the primary focus of our footprint reporting at group level.

SHV also has a significant business in LPG supply. This involves mainly deep-sea shipping of LPG from export terminals to import terminals (the latter of which then make LPG available for distribution). Additionally, SHV has a small, fast-growing business in the distribution of LNG (liquefied natural gas), which operated for its first year in 2013.

Only the LPG-distribution footprint has been presented in this report. The LPG-supply footprint has been measured in 2012-13 but it has not been presented in this report as the category emission factors for this activity are currently under review.

SHV Energy plans to report the LPG-supply footprint in 2014 (along with 2012 and 2013 figures) as an index utilising the necessary emissions factors when they are established. In 2014 we will also present a footprint for the LNG operations.