This year we launched our internal Innovation Platform: ‘Invent with Susie’ which is part of SHV Energy’s Sustainability strategy: Better – Cleaner – Together. In Sustainability our approach we grow step by step and we involve all our colleagues, enabling you to actively contribute in an inspirational & fun way. Last year our focus was on Cleaner: “Save a Tonne Campaign”. This year our focus is on Better: “Invent with Susie Innovation Platform”.

The world of energy is changing – this is the “Golden Age of Gas” . As a leading LPG & LNG supplier we are very much part of this – we can really make a difference .Opportunities need to be created and embraced: smart innovation matters!

SHV Energy wants to become Better – Together

That’s why ideas need to be shared and enriched on our platform: ‘Invent with Susie‘.

You will see that Susie’s colour is blue as it is green on the Save a Tonne Campaign. Her blue image reflects a hope to see some real Blue Sky thinking from all of our SHV Energy Colleagues. Please watch this animation to learn more about the Platform.The centre part of the Innovation platform are the Idea Challenges.

In an Idea Challenge a broad, diverse group of participants is challenged to generate, share and develop ideas around a centrally formulated question in a certain amount of time. Idea Challenges can be targeted towards an entire organisation, or within specific business units or departments. In addition, different stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, universities and partner organizations can be invited to participate in a Challenge.

Basic characteristics of an Idea Challenge:

  • A group of people is invited to participate. This group can consist of employees, but also customers, suppliers, universities and partner organizations.
  • A challenging question: one challenging question is posted. This directs the energy and focusses the Challenge. A challenging question also enhances the relevance of ideas. It will also become easier to enrich each others’ ideas.
  • Gathering ideas: everybody has ideas which need to be gathered and made visible in a transparent way.
  • Sharing, enriching and vote on ideas: all participants can build upon each others ideas (this is called enriching), increasing the quality of the initial idea. Eventually the best ideas will surface partly due to the voting possibility.
  • On an online idea platform ‘Invent with Susie’. Invent with Susie enables participants to post and enrich ideas wherever and whenever.
  • Within a certain amount of time: the timeframe of several weeks ensures participants to post their ideas instead of saving them for later and forgetting them.

Accessible for everyone, from everywhere

Since Invent with Susie is an online platform, it is accessible from every location worldwide, it takes away the boundaries of location, department, hierarchy and structure, connecting all employees to another level.