In 2013 we launched our internal Save a Tonne campaign which is part of SHV Energy’s Sustainability strategy: Better – Cleaner – Together.

We are very much aware that our employees can make the difference. Therefore we needed an approach that enables everyone to make a contribution. Every little change in our behavior can make an huge impact on our carbon footprint, for example reducing our time under the shower, especially if we stick with it.

We all are aware that by reducing our carbon foot print we are helping to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What does a Tonne of carbon look like ?

1 Tonne of CO2 would fill cube 8.13 metres high, that’s the size of an average 3 bedroom house!

Did you know ?

Each person on average in each year is responsible for about 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s 10,000kg.
Spending less time in the shower means using less energy, meaning 20kg of CO2 saved a year.
These and many other options are there on the Save a Tonne campaign.

This campaign helps to create more awareness among our employees on what kind of an impact changes of our individual behavior can have on the environment.

During this campaign our employees are supported by Susie (in Green), our Save a Tonne guru, is there to help our employees to save more carbon. When you want to meet Susie click here to watch the animation