We see a changing, challenging world. A world where energy is essential but which is struggling to cope with the impact of its use. A world where the climate is changing, air quality is a critical health issue for millions, and action is required, now.

We see an opportunity, and feel a responsibility, to make our world better. We are an energy company with a difference. We are privately owned, international in reach and local in focus. Our energy is cleaner and available to those not provided for by the grid. We help people to switch away from polluting oil and solid fuels. Our aim, through this, is to create clean air and dramatically lower our carbon impact.

As a company, our passion is growth. Growth allows us to realise our ambitions. Growth allows us to make a difference in our world. We grow by working as a group, taking advantage of scale and synergy and the efficiencies these bring. We grow by investing in new forms of energy, in the quality of our organization, and in the attractiveness of our offering. Efficiency funds growth; the more efficient we are, the faster we grow. We will look outside our comfort zone for new opportunities, we will question ourselves, open our minds, share knowledge and resources, and embrace new ways of working. Our success is founded on trust in each other. We do not fear making mistakes; we fear an unwillingness to try.

With our customers, our employees and our business partners – we will advance energy, together!