Embedding innovation

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Embedding innovation • Primagaz, France • 4/14/2022

Artificial intelligence for customer needs

Primagaz France has a cylinder forecasting model for planning their deliveries. This is a static model, with a forecast calculation per customer in the form of an average updated every 6 months, which…

Embedding innovation • Supergasbras, Brazil • 4/14/2022

Coming together to innovate at Supergasbras

In March 2021, Supergasbras launched "Chega junto para inovar" (Coming together to innovate), a programme to quickly collect, test, and implement innovative ideas from any Supergasbras employee, working…

Embedding innovation • SUPERGAS India • 4/14/2022

SUPERGAS India's auto-ordering technology

SUPERGAS’s Innovation team has successfully implemented the auto-ordering of cylinders through Electronic Auto Changeover Device Plus (EACD) Plus. The system is now designed to be integrated into installations…

Embedding innovation • SHV Energy China, People's Republic of China, • 4/20/2021

Applying an innovation mindset to operations challenges

Health and Safety is our number one core priority, and manual handling is a leading cause of incidents. Several different approaches to reducing manual handling injuries through innovation were trialled…

Embedding innovation • SUPERGAS, India • 4/19/2021

Kickstarting the Innovation Movement

SUPERGAS India exemplifies how an innovation culture is being embedded across our organisation. In 2020, ‘Embedding innovation’ was selected as a new aspirational goal, alongside our existing aspirational…

Embedding innovation • Primagaz, France • 4/19/2021

Digital services development by Primagaz offers benefits to customers and the business

In 2020 Primagaz (FR) accelerated the development of digital services for its customers using a new solution, called Autonomous Measurement Kit (KMA). The system allows bulk customers to assess the safety…