Safeguarding integrity

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Safeguarding integrity • Supergasbras, Brazil • 6/19/2018

Conduta Legal More than a program a way of behaving

These days, global organisations are stricter than ever when it comes to compliance and ethics. That is why our company has started a program called Conduta Legal. This program creates a culture of ethics,…

Safeguarding integrity • SUPERGAS, India • 6/19/2018

SUPERGAS India commits to Auto LPG and anti-competition

SUPERGAS India is an active member of the Indian Auto LPG Coalition [IAC] – a group comprised of government oil companies, private LPG companies, private LPG marketers, LPG kit suppliers, equipment manufacturers…

Safeguarding integrity • SUPERGAS, India • 6/19/2018

SUPERGAS India – reinforcing Ethics and Compliance every step of the way

Ethics and Compliance are instilled among all of our employees as part of our onboarding process at SUPERGAS India. This helps to ensure that our people connect with the SHV way-of-working from the first…

Safeguarding integrity • Calor Gas, Ireland • 6/19/2018

Calor Ireland – customer privacy rights and Brexit

Calor cares about the safety, integrity and privacy of customer data – not just in terms of following the law, but as a human right. As a data controller, we are very conscious of our duty to protect the…

Safeguarding integrity • Ipragaz, Turkey • 6/19/2018

Ipragaz – working hard on sustainability in Turkey

We started our sustainability efforts at Ipragaz in 2015, and formed our sustainability committee that same year. Since then, we have created and implemented our own sustainability management system, achieving…

Safeguarding integrity • Liquigas, Italy • 6/19/2018

The Transparent Price Project at Liquigas

At Liquigas, we have always focused on our client’s needs through transparency, compliance and business integrity. To help us do this, we implemented a pricing project in 2015 with help from high level…