Sustaining the environment

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Sustaining the environment • Head office, The Netherlands • 4/20/2021

A new sustainable home for the SHV Energy HQ team

The year of 2020 will always be seen as a year of significant change with many day-to-day challenges as the impact of COVID-19 was felt all around the world. In June SHV Energy had a planned move into…

Sustaining the environment • Liquigas, Italy • 4/19/2021

Sustainable fuels for mountain communities

In 2020 Comano Terme became the first municipality in Italy with an LNG-fuelled pipeline network that serves the community, thanks to Liquigas’ installation of a 90m3 LNG storage plant and corresponding…

Sustaining the environment • Balcas, Northern Ireland • 4/19/2021

Analysing every aspect of our impact

In 2020, Balcas needed to replace its fleet of 14 forklift trucks. It sought to investigate which trucks would offer the best, most reliable service, but also meet important sustainability criteria.

Sustaining the environment • Gaspol, Poland • 4/19/2021

Gaspol send out a powerful sustainable message

Sending out a message or statement from a business to a wide audience and to get attention is certainly difficult in today’s world. Every minute of every day new messages and images are demanding attention,…

Sustaining the environment • Primagas, Germany • 4/19/2021

Primagas pioneering projects to reduce Germany’s transport-related carbon emissions

Primagas with the support of its parent SHV Energy, is leading two projects that are focused on supporting the German government aim of reducing its transport-related carbon emissions by more than 70 million…

Sustaining the environment • Primagas, Germany • 4/18/2021

Primagas refuel research vessel with LNG

Primagas has been selling LNG in Germany for close to ten years and notably in in 2014 built the first German industrial LNG plant in Saxony-Anhalt. The development of the wider supply and availability…

Sustaining the environment • Butan Plin, Slovenia • 4/12/2021

Ideas in action from Butan Plin colleagues in Slovenia support global environmental awareness

As SHV Energy continue to drive the goals of ‘Advancing Energy Together’, a key element is global collaboration and commitment from all colleagues. It is a collective responsibility towards the environment…

Sustaining the environment • Primagas, Czech Republic • 8/10/2020

Gaspol and Primagas deliver first bioLPG fuel in the Czech Republic

The completion of this first delivery of bioLPG, in July 2020 by GASPOL/PRIMAGAS, is an exciting step in the SHV Energy global strategy to continue to offer customers alternative, cleaner and sustainable…

Sustaining the environment • Primagaz, Scandinavia • 5/6/2020

Pioneering bioLPG in Scandinavia

At SHV Energy, we are proud to pioneer bioLPG. Since launching it in March 2018, we have considerably grown the volume of bioLPG available to customers in six of our key European markets.

Sustaining the environment • Calor Gas, Ireland • 5/6/2020

Researching the energy solutions of the future

At SHV Energy, we are committed to continually lowering the carbon footprint of our gas products. Globally, we have a portfolio of research and development projects. One area we are particularly focused…

Sustaining the environment • Head office, The Netherlands • 1/8/2020

A seasonal gift and a sustainable resolution for 2020

At this time of year, with the festive holiday period ending, many of us turn to thoughts of making plans and resolutions for the new year and, significantly this year, to a new decade. At SHV Energy the…

Sustaining the environment • Primagaz, Belgium • 9/24/2019

Primagaz is the chosen energy supplier for award-winning Belgian beer company

One of the most interesting areas of the Primagaz supply operation is the variety of business customers they are in contact with about their different energy needs and requirements. A recent example of…