Sustaining the environment

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Sustaining the environment • SunSource • 4/26/2023

SunSource Energys Uttar Pradesh solar project

Uttar Pradesh (UP), India's most populous state, has emerged in recent years as one of the fastest-growing economies in India. The state accounts for a tenth of the country's overall power demand. During…

Sustaining the environment • EM3 • 4/26/2023

How EM3 unlocks energy and carbon savings

A leading animal health company announced new sustainability goals at the beginning of 2022 that included accelerating the journey to carbon neutrality by bringing their goal forward to 2030. As part of…

Sustaining the environment • HQ Hoofddorp • 4/26/2023

SHV energy invests in Lanzatech

SHV Energy is committed to pioneering new solutions to offer customers an immediate, viable, and cost-effective solution to de-fossilise their off-grid energy needs. As part of that commitment, the company…

Sustaining the environment • France • 4/26/2023

Primagaz France responds to market needs

After consolidating an appropriate business plan to define investment requirements, profitability levers and the sustainability of the model, Primagaz France deployed Automatic Gas Dispensers (AGD) in…

Sustaining the environment • China • 4/26/2023

Invention generates new efficiencies

Zhuhai technical team invented an automatic steam purging device and system for cylinders by upgrading the retesting process at Zhuhai retesting station. The team were given the Utility Model Patent Certificate…

Sustaining the environment • Turkey • 4/26/2023

Optimising logistics to enable local scrap capabilities

Previously, Ipragaz Türkiye accumulated scrap cylinders at Dörtyol before transporting them to a remote scrapping location 1,100 kilometres away. The need to accumulate scrap cylinders forced employees…

Sustaining the environment • Supergasbras, Brazil • 11/23/2022

Waste disposal initiative in Brazil protects the environment and benefits employees

A sustainable waste disposal project has been put into practice at the Betim Unit, Brazil with environmental and social benefits for employees. The project was born from the search for new routes for…

Sustaining the environment • Supergasbras, Brazil • 8/1/2022

Supergasbras celebrate CO2 reduction with use of ethanol in light fleet vehicles

Supergasbras ended 2021 with a celebration of an important achievement. The use of ethanol in the light fleet vehicles, showed a significant reduction of CO2 to 83% of the levels of the previous month.…

Sustaining the environment • Pinnacle, US • 4/15/2022

Pioneering rDME as a transportation fuel

Pinnacle Propane is a partner in a project consortium, delivering a DME/propane blend for trials in propane buses. The California Energy Commission contributed to the project, which aimed to facilitate…

Sustaining the environment • Primagas, Germany • 4/15/2022

Inspiring colleagues to contribute

In 2020 and 2021, SHV Energy carried out a global awareness campaign focused sustainability called 25by2025, which references our 25% CO2 reduction goal by 2025. The aim of the campaign was to improve…

Sustaining the environment • EM3, Ireland • 4/15/2022

Bespoke solutions for energy efficiency

Dairy company Arrabawn approached the team at EM3 with a challenge. They needed to increase the capacity of their plant to process more milk, whilst also improving their energy efficiency.

Sustaining the environment • SunSource, India • 4/15/2022

Supporting net-zero ambitions

In 2017, SunSource Energy developed an on-site solar project for a leading bottler of Coca-Cola in India, Brindavan Agro, to help reduce its energy costs. Since the bottling plant had a limited onsite…