Sustaining the environment

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Sustaining the environment • Supergasbras, Brazil • 11/23/2022

Waste disposal initiative in Brazil protects the environment and benefits employees

A sustainable waste disposal project has been put into practice at the Betim Unit, Brazil with environmental and social benefits for employees. The project was born from the search for new routes for…

Sustaining the environment • Supergasbras, Brazil • 8/1/2022

Supergasbras celebrate CO2 reduction with use of ethanol in light fleet vehicles

Supergasbras ended 2021 with a celebration of an important achievement. The use of ethanol in the light fleet vehicles, showed a significant reduction of CO2 to 83% of the levels of the previous month.…

Sustaining the environment • Pinnacle, US • 4/15/2022

Pioneering rDME as a transportation fuel

Pinnacle Propane is a partner in a project consortium, delivering a DME/propane blend for trials in propane buses. The California Energy Commission contributed to the project, which aimed to facilitate…

Sustaining the environment • Primagas, Germany • 4/15/2022

Inspiring colleagues to contribute

In 2020 and 2021, SHV Energy carried out a global awareness campaign focused sustainability called 25by2025, which references our 25% CO2 reduction goal by 2025. The aim of the campaign was to improve…

Sustaining the environment • EM3, Ireland • 4/15/2022

Bespoke solutions for energy efficiency

Dairy company Arrabawn approached the team at EM3 with a challenge. They needed to increase the capacity of their plant to process more milk, whilst also improving their energy efficiency.

Sustaining the environment • SunSource, India • 4/15/2022

Supporting net-zero ambitions

In 2017, SunSource Energy developed an on-site solar project for a leading bottler of Coca-Cola in India, Brindavan Agro, to help reduce its energy costs. Since the bottling plant had a limited onsite…

Sustaining the environment • Liquigas, Italy • 4/15/2022

A circular economy approach to energy

In 2021, Liquigas Italy signed a five-year agreement with multinational gas company Air Liquide for the supply of biomethane (in the form of bioLNG) to its automotive clients. Liquigas will use this bioLNG…

Sustaining the environment • Butan Plin, Slovenia • 4/15/2022

Launching bioLPG in Slovenia

In the summer of 2021, Butan plin launched bioLPG on the Slovenian market – a first for the country. This made Slovenia the 11th country in Europe where bioLPG is available. Since June 2021, all Butan…

Sustaining the environment • Gaspol, Poland • 10/8/2021

Gaspol focus on the role that LNG can play in the energy transition

As the search for cleaner fuels continues there has been a significant amount of attention recently on the possible role that Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) can play in energy transition. To understand the…

Sustaining the environment • Ipragaz, Turkey • 8/30/2021

Ipragaz introduce the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) as part of their sustainable energy plan

Ipragaz, like all SHV Energy companies, are working towards sustainability goals with the aim to make cleaner, greener energy options accessible and affordable for as many customers and businesses as…

Sustaining the environment • Head office, The Netherlands • 4/20/2021

A new sustainable home for the SHV Energy HQ team

The year of 2020 will always be seen as a year of significant change with many day-to-day challenges as the impact of COVID-19 was felt all around the world. In June SHV Energy had a planned move into…

Sustaining the environment • Liquigas, Italy • 4/19/2021

Sustainable fuels for mountain communities

In 2020 Comano Terme became the first municipality in Italy with an LNG-fuelled pipeline network that serves the community, thanks to Liquigas’ installation of a 90m3 LNG storage plant and corresponding…