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Sustaining the environment SHV Energy China, People’s Republic of China 6/19/2018

Improving air quality in Guangzhou

Improving air quality in Guangzhou

Smog and haze have been prevalent in Guangzhou since 2000. With each passing year, urbanization, industrialization and the further development of economic activity at the Pearl River Delta caused an explosion of air pollutant emissions. In 2004, the Guangzhou government started to promote clean energy vehicles and Xiwei proactively supported this change, converting public buses and taxis from diesel and gasoline to cleaner LNG and LPG. With this conversion, Xiwei was now serving over 3000 buses and 10,000 taxis every day, significantly improving air quality.

Helping private and commercial sectors improve air quality

As the leading company of LPG in Guangzhou, we engage our business activities in air quality improvement by providing cleaner energy solutions. For example, we have built auto gas stations and we support government efforts to convert oil to LPG/LNG for buses and taxis. Commercial customers also have a great need for cleaner energy conversion, which is our strength and an area of growth for us. Our commercial retail customers increased by 60% between 2010 and 2017, as we help them to reduce air pollution too.

Cleaner air and happier citizens

The result? A joint-effort by different parties including the government, enterprises and citizens has generated a reduction in the number of days with heavy smog from 110 in 2007 to less than 40 a year – and these numbers have remained positive for four years. Then citizens of Guangzhou are now able to enjoy smog-free days with clear, blue sky.