Embedding Innovation

Embedding innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship are part of our DNA at SHV Energy

We live in a fast-changing world. Trends emerge and rapidly influence the people around us. To anticipate future needs and drive the energy transition, we identify and meet customer and business challenges with innovative solutions.

The way we work constantly evolves. A key change is incorporating innovation as a core capability within SHV Energy. Our focus for innovation is customer centricity with a mindset of building, testing, and learning fast.

With a systematic approach to identify challenges, researching, and testing new solutions, we aim to improve our processes and deliver an enhanced, seamless customer experience. We support this by optimising internal and external collaborations, building partnerships with organisations and external ecosystems.

New solutions that show potential are tested and implemented in our businesses. Innovation helps us to grow our customer base, make our operation more efficient, reduces carbon emission, and improves safety.

Our activities

Our global innovation hub in Brazil develops new technological solutions for cylinders. This focus enables new services, business models, and improved operations.
Digitalisation is fundamental for improving customer experience and business efficiency. We dedicate resources and significant efforts to accelerate innovation in this area.
Innovation contributes to building a safer environment for our employees and customers. We focus on identifying and testing new technologies related to manual handling & transportation safety, at the same time exploring complementary solutions that encourage behavioural change.
Our capability program is aimed at developing skills and processes that are essential to identify customer and business problems. It is an area of collaboration across our Business units (BUs) allowing us to test and implement different innovative solutions. The program includes management, innovation leads, ambassadors, and project teams in several BUs. Advancing innovation Together in SHV Energy.
SHV Energy has an ambition for all our energy supplied to customers and businesses to be from renewable sources by 2040. Scientific research & development is the basis for the innovations that are a key component for us to realise this ambition.

Our global R&D activities in sustainable and renewable fuels are expanding rapidly. We collaborate worldwide with research organisations and companies and we are constantly seeking new partners and relationships.

Open innovation portal

To take innovation one step further, we regularly launch specific global open innovation challenges. Through our open innovation portal, we invite the international scientific community to collaborate with us in identifying new transformation technologies. We hope to build partnerships that contribute to sourcing our vital present and future energy needs from sustainable sources.

Hear from our employees

All over the globe, innovation leads, ambassadors, and teams drive innovation initiatives to transform our organisation and provide a better service to our customers

All innovations are tested in business units with the support of local and global teams

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