Enhancing employee and community development

We strive to provide employees and communities with the opportunities to develop themselves.

Our most important asset at SHV Energy are our employees. We are a global community of 17,000 people, where each employee serves a significant role in achieving our mission of Advancing Energy Together. 

We want our employees to receive the opportunity to develop themselves, every day. This could be within their current roles by looking at further growth in areas like safety awareness, lean thinking, innovation or digitalisation. However, this can also be through cross-functional career moves or moving into more senior roles. 

Our commitment to the development of our employees and high performance is supported by our Global HR and local HR teams.

Our activities

There are several activities that we are engaging in to enhance employee and community development.

Global alignment helps each individual employee to understand not just their individual targets but how they fit into the local and global targets and overarching strategy. This showcases each employee’s vital role in our mission to advance energy together and helps to motivate them. Furthermore, we see the importance of focusing on organisational and individual readiness. This includes acknowledging our responsibility in building confidence and our shared belief in the collective capability for change. This new strategy has been integrated into our employee training.
We focus on hiring from within the business wherever possible, meaning there is a strong focus on bottom-up talent reviews across all functions. This approach enables us to prime our succession pipeline. We also consider candidates from across our business units for leadership roles, as part of our talent transfer programmes. Talent transfer enables our business units to learn from each other and it increases the diversity of our teams.
We believe that inclusion and broad representation is key to a business’s success, both in terms of tangible results and in creating a positive, supportive atmosphere.
Ultimately, we hire and promote based on who is the best candidate for a role, but significant attention is paid to diversity in both hiring and selecting participants for development programmes to ensure inclusion.

We commit to at least a third of candidates for each leadership position being female. We commit to equal pay for men and women and ensure this by regularly analysing the payrolls at both our headquarters and business units to ensure there is no disparity based on gender. 
We are proud to say that for the first time, at a business unit level, we have a board that is predominantly female.
Investing in people is a key part of SHV Energy’s corporate philosophy. As well as defining our approach to talent management, it conveys our commitment to social responsibility. With this in mind, we focus our social responsibility and community programmes around education, which we view as making a long-term investment in people and communities. We refer to this collection of programmes as our ‘Start from the Heart’ campaign.

Hear from our employees

We are proud of how our employees help us drive sustainability throughout the group, both in their everyday behaviours and with the high standards they hold us to.

Every day, they work to 'advance energy together', providing customers with cleaner, more sustainable options, and innovating and developing the energy products of the future.

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