Sustaining the environment

We are committed to sustaining the environment. We contribute towards cleaner air and a safe and stable climate for generations to come.

Aligning our sustainability efforts across our local organisations is a continuous process because new insights always illuminate new questions to be investigated.

Achieving our targets around CO2 reduction, energy transition and long-term value creation requires a coordinated global approach. This is led from our Netherlands head office and championed across our local organisations by our sustainability leaders.

Our LPG and LNG products help consumers and companies improve their lives, as a switch from coal, wood, petrol or kerosene reduces CO2 emissions and improves indoor and outdoor air quality. Our bioLPG product is proving to be an attractive renewable fuel in our markets. This sustainably sourced product offers a pragmatic, hands-on option for green power in the off-grid segment.

Our activities

There are several activities that we’re engaging in to sustain the environment.

Aligning our sustainability actions across our organisations is a key focus of our sustainability agenda. Our sustainability leaders play a key role in this. All sustainability leaders report directly to their local business unit and work closely with the Group’s sustainability manager.

Our aim is to lower our carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions throughout the value chain. We search for places where we can implement energy savings and the use of renewable energy. Additionally, we want to improve our carbon impact – the effect of our products or services on the carbon footprint of customers. We’d like to help them lower their emissions, by helping them make the switch from polluting fuels to cleaner solutions.

The severity of air pollution and quality issues varies significantly across the countries where our business units operate. The World Health Organisation estimates that poor air quality contributes to around seven million premature deaths each year. Despite this, the importance of reducing air pollution is not at the forefront of public awareness.

Essential to our sustainable ambitions is setting measurable goals and creating systems to measure our performance over time. Our Sustainability Measurement Framework allows us to track, understand and improve our performance in sustainability. It includes a dashboard that helps business units to compare their individual performance against their targets, before drilling down into the fine details of their impact along the whole value chain.

Making figures tangible

CO2 emissions can be hard to grasp conceptually. Most of us understand what 10 meter means or 10 seconds, but what is 10 tonnes of CO2?

In explaining our impact we aim to make the figures we communicate tangible by comparing it to things that resonate.

Our Carbon Footprint

involves lowering our direct and indirect emissions throughout the entire value chain

0 1 8 9 2 1 kt CO2 emitted

Equivalent to
The numbers represent the period between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2021

Our Carbon Impact

involves offsetting our emissions by considering the effect of our products or services on our customers’ carbon footprint

9 8 9 3 4 6 t CO2 saved

Equivalent to
The numbers represent the period between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2021
Frank Rietdijk
We strive to engage every employee to contribute to our sustainability performance, turning their individual behaviour into collective impact
Frank Rietdijk  — Group Sustainability Manager, SHV Energy

Hear from our employees

We are proud of how our employees help us drive sustainability throughout the group, both in their everyday behaviours and with the high standards they hold us to.

Every day, they work to 'advance energy together', providing customers with cleaner, more sustainable options, and innovating and developing the energy products of the future.

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