We intend to make a difference through our five aspirational goals. Every year, we report our progress on these goals.

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Our aspirational goals

Our aim is to make cleaner, greener energy options accessible and affordable for as many customers and businesses as possible, without negatively impacting the environment. To drive the transition to cleaner energy, we have committed to replacing all the fossil fuel volume we sourced in 2015 with 100% renewably and sustainably sourced energy by 2040.

Our sustainability activities are guided by five aspirational goals. These are: improving health, safety and well-being; embedding innovation; sustaining the environment; enhancing employee and community development; safeguarding integrity.

Our goals were developed through a materiality assessment and used to create a group-level sustainability agenda, meaning all our business units report on them.

Aspirational goals

Setting priorities is vital in order to make real impact. We engaged with our stakeholders worldwide to identify the most important issues, which were mapped against the importance to stakeholders and significance to business.

So, how are we doing?

Every year, we publish a report on our sustainability performance

Improving health, safety and well-being

Every work colleague, contractor and customer deserves a safe and healthy place to work and a clean place to live in, today and for future generations.

As a company, it is both our moral obligation and core value to make sustained health and safety excellence the foundation of our culture.

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Embedded Innovation

Embedding innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship are part of our DNA at SHV Energy

To anticipate future needs and drive the energy transition, we identify and meet customer and business challenges with innovative solutions.

Sustaining the environment

We are committed to a long-term process of lowering harmful emissions.

Only by working together can we meet our shared goal to combat climate change and improve air quality.

Enhancing employee and community development

Our company culture provides a supportive environment to allow employees to reach their full potential to make a difference. 

Furthermore, we focus our social responsibility and community programs around education, which we view as making a long-term investment in people and communities 

Safeguarding integrity

We trust that integrity drives our employees. They give their very best in bringing our company forward, while contributing to creating a better world.

 We strive to create long term value, by doing business honestly and transparently.

Worldwide impact

Our impact stories highlight some of the sustainability programmes and initiatives taking place across our business units, and the many ways in which our global community contributes to a cleaner, healthier and safer planet. 

The map below guides you to our local business unit impact stories, as well as our global impact stories focusing on our aspirational goals.

Hear from our employees

We are proud of how our employees help us drive sustainability throughout the group, both in their everyday behaviours and the high standards they hold us to.

Every day, they work to 'advance energy together', providing customers with cleaner, more sustainable options, and innovating and developing the energy products of the future.

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