Safeguarding integrity

One of our main goals is doing business with integrity. To do so, we have an ethics & compliance programme in place.

Sustainability report

As a business, results are important to us, but how we reach those results is just as significant. 

Fair and honest business conduct is of the highest importance to us. It all starts with ensuring the right tone at the top. This is then supported by the ethics & compliance functions through a solid ethics & compliance framework, including regularly updated policies, manuals and guidelines, and adequate ethics & compliance training and awareness.

Our focus points

There are several activities that we are engaging in to do business with the highest sense of integrity.

Since 2019, we prioritised enhancing awareness of ethics & compliance throughout the business, embedding our policies in our processes and strengthening the ethics & compliance function in our company. Our ethics & compliance function consists of a small team at our head office and compliance officers at each of the SHV Energy business units.
Engaging with third parties is crucial for our business. We engage with many third parties such as suppliers, agents, distributors, contractors, and joint venture parties. However, this also creates risks since organisations are held responsible not only for their own activities but also for the actions of the third parties they engage with. We therefore must be aware of the risks that the relationship with third parties can cause.  To determine whether it is acceptable to conduct business with a third party, we operate a company-wide process of third-party due diligence.

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