Privacy Policy

Privacy within SHV Energy

As a multinational corporation, that provides people and businesses with decentralised and personalised energy solutions and services, SHV Energy aims to comply with all applicable data privacy laws and is fully committed to protecting the personal data of its stakeholders.

Our starting point is our aim to treat our stakeholders fairly. As part of this commitment, we strive to align our efforts concerning the privacy of our stakeholders as is defined in the GDPR as well as other (existing) local legislation.

Within SHV, the company that SHV Energy belongs to, we have adopted Binding Corporate Rules; a Privacy Code for Customer, Supplier and Business Partner Data and a Privacy Code for Employee Data. The SHV Privacy Codes are a demonstration of our commitment to protect personal data.

Privacy Statements within SHV Energy

SHV Energy has issued privacy statements for its core stakeholders. One for job applicants, one for employees and one for consumers, customers, suppliers and business partner data (“Business Partner”).

As SHV Energy is a decentralised organisation, each of our Business Units have issued their own Privacy Statements in order to make sure that they are in line with local requirements. If you are a job applicant, employee or Business Partner of one of the Business Units within SHV Energy, please refer to their Privacy Statements that can be found on their respective website.

Privacy Statements Hoofddorp Office

For the Head Office in Hoofddorp, SHV Energy has issued the following Privacy Statement for Business Partners. The Privacy Statement for employees is available on our internal SharePoint site and job applicants will receive a Privacy Statement via the external recruiters that we work with to fill potential job openings.

Please note that all Business Units within SHV Energy have issued their own Privacy Statements and that there might be differences based to local circumstances and/or legislation. Therefore, if you are in contact with one the Business Units, please refer to their Privacy Statements.

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SHV Energy has appointed a Group Data Protection Officer (DPO) for its businesses within the European Union Member States with the exception of Germany. For Germany a local DPO has been appointed.

For the other Business Units within SHV Energy, a BU Privacy Officer has been appointed. The BU Privacy Officer takes the lead on Privacy within the BU and will act as the linking pin between local management and the SHV Energy Group DPO.

The contact details of the BU Privacy Officers and the German DPO can be found in the Privacy Statement of the Business Unit in question. The contact details of the Group DPO can be found in all Privacy Statements.