Wojciech has always dreamt of brewing beer the way it should be done and restore an age old tradition to the region.

He set up shop in a historic building and started a micro-brewery. His beers are known in Poland and beyond for their unique taste. When setting up his brewery he did face a challenge in terms of energy.

We had a problem with the energy needed for our brewery. The problem is that the brewery needs lots of energy during a short time span. During the brewing process there are energy intensive peaks that can last just an hour.


Cost effectiveness

Electricity was not an option because it was neither cost effective nor reliable. Supplying the necessary power would also have required a special transformer on the network, which would have been very costly.

We need this maximum power just for a while when we brew!. Per month we brew it just few times. Thus, due to economic reasons – we could not opt for electric energy. We could not opt for electricity as well because of poor availability of electric energy in our area. The grid distributor would need to build a special transformer. Just for us. It would cost a lot.
On demand

LPG can provide energy on demand

Cost Effective

LPG can help reduce costs


LPG is stored locally and reliable

LPG was a perfect match

Wojciech choose to brew with LPG instead. Its flexibility can supply the necessary power when needed and it has reduced energy costs by 30%.

LPG or gas offered by GasPol was the best option for us. It speeded up the construction time of our brewery. It facilitated the construction. And last but not least – it helped us to reduce the costs. To brew of beer with use of gas is 30% cheaper than to use electric energy.