Edward and Louise moved to the country and finished a 6 month renovation and extension project of a country cottage in Oxfordshire.
We bought a small country cottage. It had 2 bedrooms and we changed it to a 4 bedroom house. We bought the house as a ‘forever’ house. Energy costs are only going to go up and even if they don’t, it makes sense to invest so your ongoing costs are kept low.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

One of the cornerstones of the renovation project was to make their home more energy efficient. All the insulation in the roof was replaced, all walls were insulated and the windows are double or triple glazed.

We have also converted to LPG because we feel it is a more sustainable energy for the future.


When they first moved in, they used oil but ran out for several weeks over Christmas which made them think about energy options.

One of the deciding factors was the ease of mind provided by LPG tanks with telemetry. The level of their tank is continuously measured and if a top up is needed they can get a delivery the next day. No need to check levels and no risk of running low in winter.

Thanks to its portability and highly flexible distribution network, LPG is available just about anywhere. In Europe it helps meet the heating, cooking and even electricity needs of millions of citizens every day. For decades, LPG has provided households with a gaseous fuel alternative to meet their most important energy needs: space/water heating and cooking, LPG-fuelled appliances have benefited from various technological advances that have made them significantly more fuel-efficient and, by extension, cleaner and less C02-intensive.

LPG gives us all the benefits of being on grid. Be it for heating, cooking or water heating, it's just like having mains gas.