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We see an opportunity, and feel a responsibility, to make our world better.

The energy related products and services we supply are essential to our customers all over the world.

At the same time we, like everyone else, see the impact of CO2 emissions on our planet. The climate is changing, air quality is decreasing. We provide cleaner energy alternatives and partner with communities. We believe that doing this will help us to secure and grow our business in the future, too.

To facilitate the growth, efficiency and sustainability of our brands, we launched our ‘Advancing Energy Together’ mission in 2016. The goal is to activate the full potential of the group and work together globally to identify and solve common challenges and leverage shared opportunities.

Advancing Energy Together

We see a changing, challenging world. A world where energy is essential but where it struggles to cope with the impact of its use. A world where the climate is changing, air quality is a critical health issue for millions, and action is required, now.

We see an opportunity, and feel a responsibility, to make our world better. We are privately owned, international in reach, and local in focus. Our energy is cleaner and available to those not provided for by the grid. We help people to switch from polluting oil and solid fuels. Our aim, through this, is to create clean air and dramatically lower our carbon impact.

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On the horizon

It is our goal to Advance Energy Together. That is why we are focusing on three horizons that contribute to the global energy transition.

1 Our core LPG and LNG business provides customers with a relatively clean source of energy, both in terms of carbon footprint and air quality.

2 We plan to increase the share of biobased and renewable fuels in our portfolio. The approach here is to employ cleaner solutions using our current company and customer infrastructure.

3 Our aim is to focus on other ways of providing renewable energy services to current market segments. Our goal is to supply 100% renewably sourced energy by 2040.

Our role in the energy transition

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Energy transition

SHV Energy closely follows environmental and societal debates about future energy policies and choices and endeavors to find fitting solutions.

In Europe, our focus is on developing lower-carbon solutions. The future of rural energy is a key area for action, and we are helping our customers in such locations to make the change that is needed.

In South America and Asia, access to cleaner energy is very much a health issue. Lifestyles and air quality can be improved enormously by choosing cleaner energy for homes and businesses. Our off-grid energy products are a cleaner alternative to energy sources such as wood, coal and oil. Consumers and companies can reduce pollution today by switching from these high-polluting, carbon-intensive fuels to LPG and LNG energy products. These are cleaner. They are available now. And they do not require major financial support of governments.

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