Find out what we stand for and what we mean by our promise to always conduct business from an honest and loyal perspective.

Shared values

Shared values

SHV Energy proudly shares its most important values and business objectives with parent company SHV.

55,000 people shape SHV, all sharing the same values and business objectives. Our most important values are integrity and trust. Integrity means being honest, genuine and completely open in communications about all matters which concern the company. Good news may travel slowly, bad news should travel quickly. SHV trusts its people to put their best effort into working for the company, its progress and achieving success within their capabilities and in line with our values.

Corporate philosophy

SHV’s Corporate philosophy outlines our shared values, ensuring every colleague, customer and supplier knows what the company stands for.

We optimise our business by always keeping our eyes open for opportunities. Everyone works as a team in order to attain the best results. Hierarchy and bureaucracy are kept to a minimum. We understand that our shareholders are not looking for inflated quarterly or annual results but for sustainable profit growth, and they are ready to accept the risks of new endeavours.
We like to challenge ourselves by looking for niche markets; it is not our ambition to go for general trends or fashion. SHV Energy will establish itself as a leading participant in relevant markets
People are at the heart of the success of our company. This means trusting people, giving them more responsibility, stimulating creativity and initiatives, coaching and training people, and rewarding excellence. We find it the of utmost importance to motivate by example, have a big smile and find happiness in the job.
Change is everywhere and everything changes. We find it important not to be scared of change, but to embrace it. Change creates opportunities. Change should be analysed, discussed, and evaluated with one another, and should be seen either as a challenge or as an opportunity. Change is the oxygen for our company, and it must be managed with understanding, acceptance, and wisdom.
We find the unusual interesting. The unusual challenges our intellect and pushes our creative soul. At all levels, our people are invited to look for the unusual and see how it can help our business. This is essential to our success. The unusual may be exactly what can differentiate us, inspire us.
No one knows everything, but we all know something. By listening to other people’s ideas and thoughts our horizons are widened. To listen before speaking is to choose to learn. Wise men and women benefit from the knowledge of others. Only after listening and learning, one should decide to react. 
We are under the impression that life only appears to be complicated. Technicalities are complicated, good business is not. Choices and decisions are difficult at times, but they should not be complicated. We find that putting your thoughts about any subject on a single piece of paper – helps clarify the mind.