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SHV Energy is committed to the highest of ethical standards. Integrity is our watchword. The governance frame examines our approach to accountability and ethics, and helps us provide long-term value for employees and external stakeholders.

Anti-bribery and corruption

SHV Energy takes a risk-based approach to Ethics & Compliance, including anti-bribery and corruption.

We continuously assess, address and monitor the risks. We seek to improve awareness at all levels across SHV Energy, and clearly communicate our zero-tolerance policy toward bribery and corruption. We have a robust Third-Party Due Diligence process in place to mitigate risks that third parties may bring to our company. Our grievance mechanism includes a confidential whistleblowing helpline that is available 24 hours per day.


As with many global organisations, cybersecurity is a key risk for SHV Energy. We mitigate this risk with a comprehensive cybersecurity programme.

Cybercrime events can cause legal, financial, and reputational damage to businesses, so we proactively maintain and build our resilience against both existing and potential threats.

Innovation and technology

Innovation is key to overcoming current and future challenges.

Innovation guides our efforts to go beyond, by improving customer experience and delivering business value by connecting with external partners and exploring cutting-edge new solutions. SHV Energy’s Innovation process is embedded in our businesses with focus commercial innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability.

Political engagement and lobbying activities

Political engagement and advocacy are integral to Advancing Energy Together. Collaboration is key to building the future and to driving the transition toward cleaner, more sustainable off-grid energy solutions.

To achieve long-lasting change, SHV Energy collaborates across industry and beyond, including with policymakers, energy experts, industry associations, civil society groups and local communities.

Hear from our employees

We are proud of how our employees help us drive sustainability throughout the group, both in their everyday behaviours and the high standards they hold us to.

Every day, they work to 'advance energy together', providing customers with cleaner, more sustainable options, and innovating and developing the energy products of the future.