Who we are

At SHV Energy we make it our daily mission to look after each of our 30 million customers and 16,700 employees.

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About us 

SHV Energy is a leading global distributor of off-grid energy such as LPG and LNG and is active in the area of sustainable fuels and renewable energy solutions.

SHV Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of SHV, a family-owned multinational, and consists of a group of specialised energy companies. Our brands include Calor, Ipragaz, Liquigas, Primagaz and Supergasbras. With these companies, we make it our mission to provide decentralised, low-carbon and clean energy solutions to 30 million business and residential customers who are not on the energy grid.

Besides meeting essential off-grid energy requirements, our products offer major environmental benefits, as they are far cleaner than many of the solid and liquid fuels that would otherwise be used. We encourage and enable customers to switch from the most highly polluting fuels, such as coal and heating oil, to LPG and LNG, which results in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions.

Our key global focus areas

These three areas are at the heart of our business.

The health and safety of our employees and those who work on our behalf is our highest priority. All our employees and contractors are empowered, encouraged and expected to work in safe conditions. Read more about how we prioritise health and safety
We are committed to sustaining the environment by combating climate change and tackling air pollution. Our energy products are often cleaner and immediately available to those not connected to a grid, and help consumers and companies to switch away from using coal, wood, oil, petrol or kerosene. This improves indoor and outdoor air quality and reduces carbon emissions significantly.
Innovation efforts benefit our customers through product and service improvements and make our operation more efficient. By increasingly incorporating innovations as a capability within the group, we continue to evolve our way of working, focusing on customer centricity and a mentality of building, testing and learning fast. This forms a crucial part of our culture on the journey of Advancing Energy Together.

Part of the SHV family

SHV Energy is part of SHV, a global family business with a portfolio of companies and 51,600 employees in 64 countries