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Who we are

SHV Energy provides decentralised, cleaner and lower-carbon energy solutions to 26 million business and residential customers around the world. We achieve that with the support of our 13,000 employees and our operations located in 25 countries across 4 continents.

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About us

SHV Energy is a leading global distributor of off-grid energy, such as LPG and LNG, and is active in sustainable fuels and renewable energy solutions.

We encourage and enable our customers to move away from higher carbon and more polluting solid and liquid fuels, such as heating oil, coal and woody biomass* and adopt cleaner alternatives, including LPG, LNG, bioLPG, and renewable solutions. This switch results in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions.

We are a market leader that operates with international reach and a local focus. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of SHV, a family-owned multinational, and we consist of a group of specialised energy companies, including such brands as Calor, Ipragaz, Liquigas, Primagaz and Supergasbras.

*LPG has lower emissions compared to polluting solid and liquid fuels, and has virtually no particulate matter emissions, improving both indoor and outdoor air quality. It also eliminates nearly all black carbon emissions from household cooking and helps reduce deforestation.
Source: The Contribution of LPG to the Sustainable Development Goals, World LPG Association.

Tangible, measurable priorities

Our ESG practices guide our sustainability activities. They represent tangible and measurable priorities that are important to our stakeholders and to our business.​

These priorities were developed through a materiality assessment (described in our Sustainability report) to identify the aspects of our sustainability agenda that are most important to our stakeholders. We carry out this assessment every few years to ensure that our strategic ESG topics remain up to date.

Part of the SHV family

SHV Energy is part of SHV, a global family business with a portfolio of companies and 52,850 employees in 75 countries.