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We see a changing, challenging world. A world where energy is essential but which is struggling to cope with the impact of its use. A world where the climate is changing, air quality is a critical health issue for millions, and action is required, now…


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LPG is a gas easily stored in liquid form in small, medium or large containers. It is generally used in gaseous form and can therefore power normal gas appliances such as cookers, heaters and boilers…



LNG is natural gas refrigerated to a very low temperature and stored as a liquid. It is widely used around the world to feed natural gas grids in areas without easy access to gas wells or cross-border pipelines…

Bio-based Fuels

Bio-based Fuels

Biomass is a non-fossil solid fuel, usually natural or processed wood, used in individual heaters or central heating boilers. Good-quality biomass from sustainable local sources has a role to play in the future rural energy mix…

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar thermal panels are used to provide hot water and space heating for homes and businesses.They have long been a feature of rooftops in southern European countries, but with dramatic advances …

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Our organisation meets the energy needs of over 30 million customers across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Spanning hundreds of different applications, SHV Energy companies are committed to better serving the needs of they customers and regions. Browse our global company locations and find a business near you.


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    SHV Energy is a family owned company that provides energy to people and businesses on three continents. The 13.000 SHV Energy employees are committed to supplying decentralise...

  • SHV Energy – Our Energy

    SHV Energy is a family owned multinational that provides people and businesses with decentralized energy solutions and services in rural areas where natural gas is not availab...

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    SHV Energy is a family owned company that provides people and businesses with decentralised and personalized energy solutions and services....