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SHV Energy is dedicated to minimising its impact on the environment. The environmental frame outlines our responsibilities in assessing this impact, and in identifying further opportunities for improvement.

Climate change

Meeting our GHG reduction goals, while ensuring long-term value creation, requires a unified GHG reduction strategy that is applied universally across SHV Energy.

This effort is led by SHV Energy’s head office in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, with the support of Sustainability leaders from across our businesses worldwide. Effective employee collaboration is central to ‘Advancing Energy Together,’ and in our approach to climate change action.

Circular economy

Embedding circular economy strategies into our environmental plans can significantly improve the way we produce and use goods.

SHV Energy has established two priority areas regarding circular economy: the impact we create by generating rDME from municipal waste, and the impact of the quantity of steel required to produce bulk tanks and cylinders. The waste hierarchy concept is applied to understand and address these priorities.

Hear from our employees

We are proud of how our employees help us drive sustainability throughout the group, both in their everyday behaviours and the high standards they hold us to.

Every day, they work to 'advance energy together', providing customers with cleaner, more sustainable options, and innovating and developing the energy products of the future.