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Ethics & Compliance

SHV Energy is committed to achieving the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

As a family company founded in 1896, we expect our people to contribute to the long term, sustainable future of our company.

This means we expect our people to refrain from business decisions that conflict with our values, even when they might be (financially) attractive. We act with integrity, in line with the laws and our policies.

Every day, we pay attention to the importance of doing business in a compliant and ethical way and in line with the culture of SHV Energy: a culture of shared values in
which unethical or unlawful behaviour will never be tolerated.

Act with integrity

SHV Energy has an Ethics & Compliance department at the head office and compliance officers in each of its businesses.

Together they provide insights into expected behaviour and advise the organisation on how to conduct business in a compliant and ethical way.

Our global Code of Conduct helps employees and contractors make the right decisions and act with integrity and loyalty. It supports the organisation in upholding a high level of integrity and describes what we stand for with respect to safety, integrity and sustainability.

We expect our suppliers and other business partners to act according to the same principles and to work collaboratively with us in complying with, and helping us improve upon, these principles. These are outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct and Business Partner Code of Conduct, which are available in multiple languages.

Ethics & Compliance

Do the right thing

At SHV Energy we believe that we all have a responsibility to do the right thing.

But sometimes we are faced with dilemmas and are not sure what to do. If one is in doubt about how to act, or believes that our Code has been or is about to be breached, people are expected to speak up and ask for help by:

  • Talking to the person involved
  • Talking to our manager, Human Resources or the compliance officer
  • Using the Speak Up helpline.

Speak Up helpline

The Speak Up helpline offers a confidential whistleblowing phone line and webservice, managed with the assistance of an external service provider and used throughout all our companies, and is available 24 hours per day.

All reports to the Speak Up helpline will be treated confidentially. Reports can be submitted anonymously, although you are encouraged to disclose your identity in order to facilitate the investigation. We encourage open dialogue and take every report seriously. Each report is passed on to an internal investigator who is not involved in the situation.

If a problem is confirmed, we will act to put things right and ensure it does not happen again.
We do not tolerate any retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a potential violation of our Code, internal policies or the law.