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Working at SHV Energy

At SHV Energy, it is our priority to create a working environment where people enjoy working.

We employ more than 12,000 people in over 25 countries across four continents: Europe, Asia and North and South America. This offers an exciting international working platform for both young professionals and experienced managers. The long-term perspective of a multinational, family-owned business creates a unique experience for those who enjoy an entrepreneurial environment.


At SHV Energy you can expect equitable working conditions, relevant training and ongoing development. We have a decentralised culture. We encourage empowerment and open and honest communication between each other.

Furthermore, we look to stimulate local economies by employing predominantly local people. Our people in the field are entrepreneurial and value integrity and loyalty. Their excellence has defined our success in the past as it will in the future.

We have a journey in front of us, and it's very nice to be a part of that.
Júlio Cardoso  — CEO, Supergasbras, Brazil
After going through a lot of training … I now help other drivers.
Walter Hoy  — Truck driver, Calor Gas, Ireland
What I love about working for Pinnacle is the people and the welcoming spirit.
Kadra Alexander  — Director of Legal and Chief Compliance Officer, Pinnacle Propane, US
You can really see the real-world impact that we're getting from carbon-saving projects.
Rebecca Nolan  —  Project engineer, EM3, Ireland

Diversity and inclusion

At SHV Energy we believe that diverse and inclusive teams understand and reflect their customers and stakeholders better, improve performance by increasing analytical and problem-solving capabilities and are more creative and innovative.

It is well documented that companies that embrace diversity and inclusion by stimulating a sense of belonging, allowing all employees to reach their potential, see a positive impact on their bottom line.

Ultimately, we hire and promote based on who the best candidate is for a role. However, it is our topmost priority to pay significant attention to diversity in both hiring and selecting participants for development programmes, to ensure overall inclusion. We make sure that we do not solely promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace but that we demonstrate it. We want to walk the talk.

One of the ways in which we do this, is by committing to at least a third of candidates for each leadership position being female. At a business unit level, for the first time, we have a board that is predominantly female. We are also committed to equal pay for men and women. We guarantee this by regularly analysing the payrolls at both our headquarters and business units to ensure there is no disparity based on gender.

What I like most about working for SHV Energy is the importance they stress on the people.
Aaron Doyle  — Procurement specialist, Calor Ireland
We are working on a common mission to provide clean energy to the people.
Chandramohan Prajapati  — Assistant Vice President, Project Management, SunSource Energy, India
I enjoy observing how everything we have designed is being built and starts working.
Beata Zaleska  — Technical Installations Consultant, Gaspol, Poland
Managers give recognition to every employee, which drives us to give the very best for the company.
Gildasio Piso da Silva  — Production supervisor, Supergasbras, Brazil

Careers at SHV Energy

Our head office is based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, where most of the roles have a global orientation. We also offer career opportunities under our different brands.

Careers at SHV

SHV Energy is proud to be part of SHV, a global family business that employs 52,850 employees situated in 75 countries across 7 groups: Kiwa, Makro, Mammoet, NPM, Nutreco, SHV Energy, and ONE-Dyas.

SHV has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, ensuring a sustainable family of companies for future generations. It also has a long-term vision that is reflected in its strong values and focus on people development; it cares for its people and for the future of its people. Joining SHV can be the start of an international career, spanning eight companies in vastly different industries. The SHV family offers many challenges to learn and grow, and the opportunity to work with highly qualified and diverse colleagues worldwide.