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Our history has shaped our direction and continues to guide what we do today.

Our history

SHV was founded in 1896. Since that time, we have established our expertise in the efficient and safe distribution of energy sources throughout the world.

In the latter half of the 20th century, we were able to leverage that expertise by investing in LPG, which is recognised as the cleanest available conventional fuel for consumers situated beyond the natural gas grid. Today, we are proud to have market-leading LPG companies in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and to be helping drive the energy transition with a range of alternative sources of sustainable and cleaner energy.


The foundation of SHV

Eight Dutch coal wholesalers, some of whom had been entrepreneurs and traders since the 18th century, establish the Steenkolen Handels-Vereeniging (SHV) in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


SHV becomes a key player in the Dutch coal market

SHV’s innovation and modernisation approaches alter its handling and loading equipment, which significantly increases the capacity of its coal supply. As a result, it opens a new head office in Utrecht.


SHV starts trading in oil

As the shipping industry shifts its main source of energy to oil, SHV founds the first oil bunker station. It begins supplying oil to VEM, a large shipping and fishing company in which it has a controlling interest.


SHV expands its oil activities

An increasing shift to oil leads to changes in transportation and escalating demand from the expansion of overseas trade. To meet the demand, SHV acquires oil interests in Europe.


The PAM oil brand launches

SHV launches a new brand for its oil-related activities, called PAM. The brand appears on a chain of gasoline stations in the Netherlands, Austria and West Germany.


Expanding further in energy and consumer goods

SHV increases its focus on trading in energy by expanding its LPG distribution.


SHV acquires stake in Primagaz Group

SHV acquires a controlling stake in Primagaz Group, already active in France and Germany, by bringing in its LPG operations in the Benelux, Italy, Austria, Denmark and, later, Germany. Primagaz Group goes on to make significant acquisitions in Italy and in new countries such as Turkey.


Calor is acquired

SHV acquires a large stake in Calor in Great Britain and Ireland.


Gaspol is formed

SHV acquires state-owned assets in Central Europe and forms Gaspol in Poland.


SHV grows beyond Europe

SHV acquires companies in China and Brazil and begins new operations in India. In 1996, Primagaz Group launches activities in international supply and risk management, known today as SHV Gas Supply & Risk Management.


SHV Energy name created

SHV pools together its LPG activities under the management of a central team, which is eventually renamed to SHV Energy.

SHV History India

LNG distribution begins

SHV Energy begins distributing bulk and automotive LNG in Western Europe.


Advancing Energy Together launches

SHV Energy launches strategic initiatives under its mission of Advancing Energy Together.


Pinnacle is acquired

SHV Energy acquires the propane supply company, Pinnacle, with activity concentrated in the southwest of the United States.


First supply generated of bioLPG

SHV Energy generates its first supply of bioLPG from the Neste plant in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The plant is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to provide its customers with alternative sources of sustainable and cleaner energy.


First hydrogen station is opened

SHV Energy opens its first hydrogen refuelling station in Guangzhou, China. It marks a crucial step forward in energy innovation and highlights the exciting future for hydrogen energy development.

First hydrogen station

Renewable energy solutions are offered

SHV Energy acquires energy efficiency company EM3, allowing it to offer its customers a range of managed, sustainable and efficient energy solutions. The addition of SunSource Energy in 2021 enables it to further expand into distributed solar solutions for commercial and industrial customers.


Renewable Dimethyl Ether (rDME) partnership is launched

A joint venture launches between SHV Energy and KEW Technology, called Circular Fuels Limited. The JV is focused on producing rDME renewable gas from the conversion of renewable and recycled carbon feedstock.

Futuria is launched

SHV Energy launches a new name for its growing sustainable fuels portfolio, called Futuria. The name is designed to make it easy for its customers to identify and select the sustainable fuels that are right for them.


Petromax LPG is acquired

SHV Energy enters the fast-growing Bangladesh market with the acquisition of Petromax LPG, a leading LPG distribution and cylinder manufacturing company. The company serves customers across the country through its domestic cylinder business, as well as its growing commercial cylinder, industrial bulk and autogas offerings.