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De-fossilising the LPG Industry with rDME

rDME is a low-carbon liquid gas with the potential to play a significant role in defossilising the LPG industry. It is a simple solution that allows business and domestic customers to further reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a more sustainable future.

rDME is dimethyl ether produced from renewable and recycled carbon feedstock. It is a safe, cost-effective and clean-burning fuel. rDME is chemically similar to propane and butane, so it behaves in the same way as LPG. Just like LPG, rDME is easily and safely transported as a liquid in pressurised cylinders and tanks.


Video rDME - Defossiling the LPG Industry
Household waste
rDME can be produced from household waste and other feedstocks

Low greenhouse gas footprint

rDME can be produced from a wide range of renewable or waste feedstocks. It has a low greenhouse gas footprint, reducing emissions by up to 85% compared to fossil fuels. Depending on the feedstock and production process used, rDME can even have negative greenhouse gas emissions.


rDME usage

Cooking, heating and fuelling vehicles. For home, business and industry. 

rDME can be used for heating or cooking at home, for business and industry, and for fuelling vehicles. rDME can be used blended with LPG or in pure form, with little change to existing equipment, making it an affordable, sustainable solution and enabling customers to easily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

rDME can be used for cooking, heating and fuelling vehicles.
RDME Molecule
rDME Molecule

Increasing the availability of rDME

Increasing the availability of rDME is an important step in the energy transition. We are scaling up supply by working with dedicated technology providers, such as KEW Technology. We also intend to launch a joint venture with global LPG player UGI, and there is growing interest in rDME from the whole LPG sector.

New collaborations to fuel the energy transition


By the mid-2020s, we aim to supply several hundred thousand tonnes of rDME every year.

We are investigating new collaborations across the LPG supply chain to accelerate rDME development. For more information, please contact our sustainable fuels team.