SHV Energy is proud to pioneer BioLPG in Europe

We supply our customers around the globe with decentralised, clean, safe and efficient energy.

Our ambition for the next 20 years is to ensure that the source and supply of our gas products becomes increasingly renewable, bio-based and has lower carbon emissions.

BioLPG is an important driver of SHV Energy’s bold sustainable ambition, reducing our CO2 footprint by up to 80%. BioLPG is identical in use and performance to conventional LPG and is an ideal energy solution for businesses wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

In March 2018, we received our first supply of BioLPG from the Neste plant in Rotterdam. We are developing a strong pipeline of new opportunities in order to continually expand our ability to supply sustainable BioLPG to our customers who live and work beyond the grid.

Benefits of BioLPG


BioLPG is made from completely renewable crop grown and waste feed stocks.


BioLPG reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%.


BioLPG is now being delivered in many countries within Europe.
It is being distributed by the local SHV Energy business unit, see the map below for more details.


BioLPG is chemically identical to standard LPG and can be blended 100% (no need for a separate supply chain)


There are more than a thousand applications ranging from cooking to heating, agricultural uses, industrial applications and even bird scarers.


BioLPG is identical in its use to conventional LPG.

Imagine a fuel

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BioLPG – How is it made?

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BioLPG Applications

Forklift Truck

Forklift Truck

Fork lift trucks powered by LPG are very popular, due to their competitive pricing and their performance over diesel and electric trucks. LPG powered trucks are quieter and don’t produce strong exhaust fumes. The performance of LPG in the trucks are usually better than the electric and diesel varieties. They can move faster and lift faster, because of better power to weight ratios and more responsive engines. Today, in the Netherlands, logistics managers have an even better choice for fuelling their Gas FLT – BioLPG. All the benefits of LPG, and up to 80 percent CO2 savings. If saving CO2 is important in your business, then leave the heavy lifting to our BioLPG FLTs.



Autogas is widely used as a “green” fuel, as it reduces CO2 exhaust emissions by around 15 percent compared to petrol. Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world, with approximately 16 million of 600 million passenger cars powered using the fuel, representing less than 3 percent of the total market share. In Europe, many countries have now started to provide BioLPG from SHV Energy companies. BioLPG behaves, in use, exactly the same as LPG but with savings of up to 80 percent on the CO2. The best alternative vehicle fuel just got better.

Home Energy

Home Energy

In Europe, around 40 million homes in the countryside do not have access to natural gas.  This means that many rural consumers have to resort to high polluting fuels such as heating oil or coal for their essential heating needs. Some rural homes currently use the clean burning, low carbon fuel called LPG, which provides all the benefits of gas natural gas from the main energy grid. Today, some parts of rural Europe can start to use a new bio product to provide their energy – BioLPG.  This new fuel is identical in use to LPG but can achieve CO2 savings of up to 80percent. People in the countryside can see the impacts of climate change every day, BioLPG is helping us to combat this by providing clean very low carbon rural energy.

Giant Industrial Boiler

Giant Industrial Boiler

European Industry has never been under so much pressure to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and carbon impact of their operations. Where natural gas is not available, industrial companies can deliver all three of these aims by changing to one fuel – BioLPG.  Companies in this sector have been using LPG in their industrial boilers for decades.  Today, they can switch to BioLPG and have all the benefits of LPG, but with CO2 savings of up to 80 percent.  In the ETS sector, this could have significant financial impact as well. The future of rural industry depends on the choice of  intelligent uses of new forms of energy. With the availability of BioLPG, that choice just got a lot easier.

Leisure Cylinder

Leisure Cylinder

For many people in Europe, cooking and being outdoors is a part of their lifestyle.  Whether it’s a family BBQ, or a caravan with hot running water, the availability of LPG has been central to these experiences.  Many of these customers are also concerned about the environment. By using BioLPG, they can reduced carbon impact of up to 80 percent with no new appliances or fittings required. BioLPG is now available in parts of Europe and leisure customers can still enjoy all the benefits of LPG with the added peace of mind that goes with a lower carbon footprint.


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