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Products and services • Futuria • 4/3/2024

Revolutionising Energy: Dimeta's Role in Renewable Fuel Projects

Dimeta, a joint venture between SHV Energy and UGI International focused on the production and adoption of renewable & recycled carbon DME, is part of two powerhouse consortiums BUTTERFLY and POWERED,…

Political engagement and lobbying activities • Germany • 4/3/2024

Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions in Rural Germany

In September 2023, PRIMAGAS Germany held the opening ceremony of its Futuria DME test facility near Dresden. After almost a year of planning, the event marked the successful public start of Futuria DME…

Anti-bribery and corruption • Poland • 4/3/2024

In Pursuit of Transparency GASPOLs Antibribery Measures and Employee Lottery

In a world where ethical standards are increasingly vital to sustainable business practices, the fight against bribery and corruption takes centre stage. As we navigate the intricate landscape of global…

Innovation and technology • HQ Hoofddorp • 4/3/2024

From Startups to Solutions: SHV Energy’s Innovative Pilot Projects

In 2022, SHV Energy began a quest to identify startups with innovative solutions for sustainability, culminating in a selection of five startups for six pilot projects throughout 2023. These pilots were…

Cybersecurity • HQ Hoofddorp • 4/3/2024

SHV Energy deploys Artificial Intelligence to continuously monitor Cybersecurity risks in its extern

At SHV Energy, we believe that defensive security should be validated by offensive security. Historically, offensive security (e.g. penetration testing and red teaming) is conducted by ethical hackers…

Access to cleaner energy • Brazil • 4/3/2024

Sales team targets to switch customers away from polluting energy sources

Sustainability is one of Supergasbras’ strategic objectives in two projects as part of ‘Super Jornada’ 2022-2025. The first aims to reduce GHG emissions along the value chain of Supergasbras locations,…

Customer experience • France • 4/3/2024

Primagaz France's Energy Savings Certificates (CEE) Platforms Project: A Key Initiative for Energy Transition

As part of our ongoing commitment to energy sobriety and efficiency, Primagaz France has embarked on a pioneering initiative with the implementation of platforms dedicated to Energy Savings Certificates…

Diversity & Inclusion • India • 4/3/2024

Diverse Voices Unified Vision A Narrative of Inclusion ande Belonging

In an era where diversity and inclusivity are increasingly vital components of corporate culture, our company embarked on a transformative journey by recruiting and empowering women in leadership positions.…

Talent attraction, development and retention • Adriatics • 4/3/2024

SHV Energy in Adriatics is unifying cultures, strategies and talents

2023 marked an important transformation journey for the Slovenian, Croatian and Bosnian entities of SHV Energy as we started working as one Adriatic team, bringing unique aspects of our diverse cultures,…

Health & Safety • SunSource • 4/2/2024

People-Centred Projects: SunSource Energy's Values in Action

At SunSource Energy, any project that stands tall today is not bricks and mortar, but its people. We live our values of putting people at the heart of what we do, every day in every project.

Circular economy • Brazil • 4/2/2024

Super Recolhe: From Waste to Energy

Super Recolhe is a used cooking oil (UCO) recycling project that avoids discarding a harmful residue to the environment, particularly water, and converts it to clean energy. Super Recolhe uses this residue…

Climate change • Belgium • 4/2/2024

Primagaz Belgium drastically reduces CO2 emissions from secondary transport thanks to HVO diesel

Within Europe, truck transport accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Therefore, the European Commission aims to drastically reduce the CO2 emissions from trucks in the future. All…