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4/26/2024 Sustaining the environment  | Sustainability

SHV Energy launches its 2023 Sustainability Report

SHV Energy is pleased to announce the launch of its seventh annual Sustainability Report.

The 2023 Sustainability Report covers the company’s performance and key sustainability achievements in the newly adopted areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance, as well its strategy, programmes and approach to stakeholder engagement. The report also shares the personal experiences of employees as told through a range of impact stories.

Key achievements

In line with its mission of Advancing Energy Together, SHV Energy’s Futuria Fuels business unit engaged in new partnerships to accelerate the ramp-up of sustainable fuels production, specifically bioLPG, rLPG and rDME. The company also reflected its commitment to its Renewables business by tripling its deployed solar capacity. Meanwhile, EM3, SHV Energy’s industrial energy efficiency specialist business, grew by 70%.


Building on progress reducing emissions from its value chain in 2022 (Scope 3), SHV Energy placed renewed attention in 2023 on reducing emissions from its owned or controlled assets (Scopes 1 and 2), specifically transport and operations facilities, as part of a multi-year programme. To this end, the company held an Open Innovation Challenge and collaborated with five outstanding startups.


In 2023, all SHV Energy businesses adopted global Health & Safety standards, key performance indicators, and a common governance structure to ensure a safe place to work for all. The company continued promoting a high-performance culture by recognising internal talent – filling about 80% of senior leadership positions from within. It also made progress embedding diversity and inclusion through a dedicated task force.


In line with its commitment to achieving the highest standards of ethics and integrity, SHV Energy continued assessing the risks it faces as a business, verifying the mitigation measures, processes and procedures in place within each of its business units. Comprehensive Ethics & Compliance training and awareness-building efforts continue to help employees understand how to recognise and appropriately respond to potential conflicts of interest.

“SHV Energy has redefined how we measure sustainability progress. Our existing sustainability agenda has a heightened focus on energy security and customer inclusion in the energy transition. We are confident this proactive step will better position us for the future,” said CEO Bram Gräber.

Download the full report here: