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4/26/2023 Sustainability  | Sustaining the environment

SHV Energy launches its sixth annual sustainability report

Sustainability report 2022

SHV Energy is pleased to announce the launch of its Sustainability Report 2022 today.

SHV Energy launches its sixth annual sustainability report today.  The Sustainability Report 2022 covers its performance and key sustainability achievements in five aspirational goal areas, as well as its strategy, programmes and stakeholder engagement in 2022.

The company’s efforts throughout the year helped it to continue to play a key role in the off-grid energy transition and to promote and invest in sustainable fuels. Most notably was SHV Energy’s work with technology partners, such as LanzaTech and GTI Energy, to bring on-purpose renewable propane and rDME to market, as well as its acquisition of Bangladesh-based Petromax to further develop its high-growth LPG sector. The transition to LPG offers a cleaner energy alternative than the more polluting solid fuels still widely in use across Bangladesh and offers an important opportunity to improve local and indoor air quality.

Also noteworthy in 2022 was SHV Energy’s expansion of its solar energy capacity through its subsidiary, SunSource Energy, which will support a growing customer base across India and Southeast Asia making the transition to cleaner, more sustainable power.

As an industry leader, SHV Energy also spent critical efforts last year preparing for upcoming sustainability reporting legislation and regulation and supporting energy sector collaboration that will be key to meeting global sustainability ambitions, and to ensuring access to affordable energy solutions for off-grid consumers.

“In 2023 and beyond, we will continue to focus on realising our sustainable business strategy and achieving our mission of Advancing Energy Together. Our Sustainability Report 2022 reflects our unwavering commitment to all our stakeholders but also to our purpose, ‘Courage to care for generations to come’,” said CEO Bram Gräber.

The Sustainability Report 2022 also shares the personal experiences of its people as told through a range of impact stories in each of its five aspirational goal areas.

Download the full report here: