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4/20/2021 Sustainability

SHV Energy 2020 Sustainability Report

SHV Energy Sustainability Report 2020
SHV Energy launches its fourth sustainability report, as part of its commitment to ‘Advancing Energy Together’.

SHV Energy’s 2020 Sustainability Report supports our commitment to transparency and openness. We aim to engage all employees and other stakeholders in our sustainability strategy to help us continue advancing our progress on our five aspirational goals. In this year’s report, we have adopted a broader scope by including Innovation and Sustainable Supply Chain as two new topics.

“Every single member of the SHV Energy family has a role to play in Advancing Energy Together” Bram Gräber, CEO

The report focusses on five aspirational goals for SHV Energy

1. The health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and customers is our number one priority.

Our ambition is to have zero incidents and we are progressing towards that goal year-on-year.
In 2020 we realised a 25% reduction in our lost time injury frequency rate.

2. Embedding innovation is our newest aspirational goal. It appears in our sustainability reporting for the first time this year.

Innovation is increasingly relevant to our business and to how we approach key challenges, including broadening access to clean energy. We aim to include all our business units in the Innovation Movement by 2025.
In 2020, we included 10 of our business units in our innovation movement.

3. Sustaining the environment

We are committed to sustaining the environment by combatting climate change and tackling air pollution. In 2016, we defined our target of reducing our emissions per tonne of LPG distributed by 25% by 2025.
In 2020, we realised a 5.7% reduction.

4. Enhancing employee and community development

SHV Energy fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion. We believe that this contributes to a performance-driven, friendly and supportive working environment. We have set the target that 25% of our senior leadership positions are held by women by 2030 and at least one member of each senior management team should come from an under-represented nationality.
In 2020, 17% of our senior leadership team members were women and 74% of our operations met the target for under-represented nationalities.

5. Safeguarding integrity

SHV Energy is committed to a corporate culture that promotes fair and honest business conduct and adheres to the law and our Group policies to safeguard integrity. One of the ways we safeguard our business integrity is by consistently assessing employees’ training needs on topics like anti-corruption policies and procedures. To safeguard integrity in our supply chain, we developed a Supplier Code of Conduct in 2020 that we want 100% of our suppliers to sign.
In 2020, 90% of our employees completed the above training and 53% of our suppliers had signed the Supplier Code of Conduct.

More insights on our progress

Our SHV Energy 2020 Sustainability Report provides the numbers, evaluations and impact stories to keep track of our progress for each of our aspirational goals. With contributions from employees, customers and partners around the world it represents our approach towards sustainability and, as we see it, our organisation's success.