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Circular economy Supergasbras, Brazil 11/23/2022

Waste disposal initiative in Brazil protects the environment and benefits employees

A sustainable waste disposal project has been put into practice at the Betim Unit, Brazil with environmental and social benefits for employees. The project was born from the search for new routes for the disposal of organic waste generated by the unit's restaurant and a search for an opportunity to establish a more sustainable and innovative waste disposal.

A innovative plan that was formed from a partnership

The initiative was an example of an innovation partnership with an external waste and composting company.

Alberto Valenzuela, manager of the Betim Unit explains,“We formed a partnership with the company Minas Orgânica (Composting Plant), which collects this waste twice a week and composts it, transforming the organic waste into fertilizer, with part of it returning to the Unit. In addition to avoiding pollution, organic matter is used in a useful way and the harvest of vegetables is donated to employees. The next step is to have a vegetable garden in each of our five branches with the same purpose.”

Composting removes garabage issues with a positive outcomes

With composting, several problems caused by the accumulation of garbage are avoided. Among them are the reduction of the bad smell in the dumps, the amount of garbage sent to the landfill and, the prevention of the proliferation of animal vectors of diseases such as rats, cockroaches and flies.

Composting also allows for the production of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer for use in gardens and this initiative has raised the awareness of employees about the potential use of organic waste as part of sustainable thinking.

Cristiano Pereira, Environmental Health and Safety Technician of the Betim Unit, adds that, by disposing of organic fertilizer through the composting process, the Company complies with environmental legislation in accordance with Brazilian Law No. 12305/2010, promoting quality to the environment and generating wealth in a sustainable way, “The project brings social, environmental and health benefits to the unit. The initiative is a great opportunity to transform waste into a benefit for employees. If it is developed with a local partner it is possible to be applied in other Business Units of the Company”, comments Cristiano.

A commitment to sustainability at the Betim unit

The initiative has been well received as part of the continued drive towards sustainability goals as stated by Fernanda Gomes, Sustainability Specialist and also Priscila Maziero, Head of Sustainability at Supergasbras, “The Betim unit's initiative reinforces our commitment to sustainability once again. Congratulations to everyone at the base for doing more, in different ways and in line with our purpose ‘Courage to care for generations to come.”