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Diversity & Inclusion India 4/3/2024

Diverse Voices Unified Vision A Narrative of Inclusion ande Belonging

In an era where diversity and inclusivity are increasingly vital components of corporate culture, our company embarked on a transformative journey by recruiting and empowering women in leadership positions. This decision not only reshaped our organisational structure and cultivated a culture of inclusivity, but fostered innovation, creativity and growth.

The Supergas diversity & inclusion (D&I) roadmap includes targets to employ women in 15% of both leadership and frontline positions, as well as 10% in mid-level positions, by 2025. With a focused and consistent approach, Supergas accomplished the 15% targets in senior and frontline positions in 2023, while women in mid-level positions were only short of the 10% target by 1%.

The transformative impact of empowering women leaders within Supergas extends far beyond the confines of corporate boardrooms. As we continue this trajectory, we remain resolute in our pursuit of breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes and empowering every individual within Supergas to realise their full potential.