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Political engagement and lobbying activities Germany 4/3/2024

Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions in Rural Germany

In September 2023, PRIMAGAS Germany held the opening ceremony of its Futuria DME test facility near Dresden. After almost a year of planning, the event marked the successful public start of Futuria DME endeavours in Germany

In recent years, the building sector has become one of the most regulated policy areas across Europe. The German government seeks to achieve a climate neutral building stock by 2045, and given that heating buildings is responsible for more than 15% of Germanys total carbon emissions, it is evident why policymakers tend to revise legislation in this sector more regularly than before.  
The German government revised the national heating legislation in September 2023 – only a few days before the opening ceremony of the rDME test facility. By 2028, every newly installed heating system must run on 65% renewables. That percentage is only reachable with heat pumps, district heating, solar thermal support, biomass, green hydrogen and green gases (Futuria Propane is mentioned explicitly as a green gas option – rDME derived from biomass is included in the scope as well). 
This was good news ahead of the test facility’s opening ceremony, but  implementing Futuria DME was just the first step. Next to raising awareness for Futuria DME in general, PRIMAGAS wanted to present it to policymakers as a solution for domestic and industrial customers in rural areas. Therefore, PRIMAGAS was very happy to welcome the Prime Minister of Saxony, Mr. Michael Kretschmer.  
In his speech, Mr. Kretschmer referred to the needs of rural areas and the important role renewable molecules like Futuria Propane and Futuria DME play. Following the nationwide media coverage this received, we were able to spread the word on our renewable solutions like Futuria DME and Futuria Propane to show policymakers how those renewable liquid gases will play an important role in the energy transition of rural areas in Germany.   
“It was great to share our vision for a successful energy transition in rural areas with such a high-profile politician.” – Stefan Schmidt, Head of Sustainable Fuels & Public Affairs, PRIMAGAS