Image a fuel that is made from waste, by-products or renewable raw materials. Image a fuel that emits up to 90% less CO2. Imagine this fuel being just as good, efficient and versatile as the LPG you use today. Say hello to Biopropane.

Two global leaders in sustainable energy have reached an agreement to produce and market biopropane.


Joining Forces

Neste Oil is word leader in biofuels and has created NEXBTL, an advanced biofuel that is already in production at several plants across the world. Neste Oil will make a substantial investment in its refinery in Rotterdam to recover a side stream from the production of NEXBTL and process it into biopropane.

SHV Energy is a family-owned company that provides people and businesses with decentralised and personalised energy solutions and services and is a world leader in providing sustainable energy solutions.

Neste Oil and SHV Energy have agreed that SHV Energy will market and sell biopropane to be produced at Neste Oil’s Rotterdam refinery. The agreement to supply some 160,000 tonnes of biopropane over a four-year period is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

SHV Energy is an ideal partner to market and distribute our biopropane

according to Kaisa Hietala, Neste Oil’s Executive Vice President, Renewable Products.

This agreement ensures that it will find customers who can most benefit from what it has to offer and its unique environmental properties.


A bright future

SHV Energy plans to sell the biopropane to several European markets, and have initiated discussions about this with customers in France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and the UK. Replacing existing fossil fuels with biopropane will result in significant carbon savings.

Biopropane is chemically indistinct from propane and so it can be introduced into any sector’s supply chain at any ratio, up to 100%, without the end user having to make any investment to change their existing equipment.

Biopropane will help meet Europe’s energy needs and willhave a major impact as it will be the one of the first “drop-in” renewable fuels available on the market.

SHV Energy is always looking at ways to improve the sustainability of its products and activities. Biopropane can make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of an already low carbon fuel.

For our customers biopropane is a wonderful addition to our product portfolio. LPG already provides our customers with a cleaner rural energy choice to the high carbon fuel alternatives on which many are dependent in off-grid areas. Biopropane means this option has become even cleaner. In use, it is identical to conventional propane and therefore has the benefit of being able to be blended and used by all existing appliances suitable for use with propane. In addition, biopropane is a great opportunity for SHV Energy to lead the LPG industry in a sustainable direction

says Mr. Fulco van Lede, Management Board Member of SHV Energy


160.000 tonnes of biopropanewill be produced


Biopropane makes and already low carbon fuel even cleaner


Biopropane is identical to‘normal’ LPG