Opened in 1984, Middletown House Nursing Home has built up an enviable reputation for comfort and care to the highest standard.

nursing-1A unique nursing home

Opened in 1984, Middletown House Nursing Home has built up an enviable reputation for comfort and care to the highest standard.

Catering for 50 residents with a range of requirements, the nursing home employs 50 dedicated staff. In addition, within its four acres of landscaped grounds, twenty 1, 2 and 3 bedroom houses have been built to provide an independent lifestyle for residents, with peace of mind that the nursing home’s services are just next door.

Owners Joseph Butler and Ingrid Ashmore Butler have considerably refurbished and extended the former hotel to provide modern amenities without impacting the traditional character of the building.

We have built up a community based on quality of life, support and attention to our residents.

A challenging project

Recently, Joseph and Ingrid decided to further enhance the facilities of the complex, extending the main building and upgrading the old oil-fired heating system. The project was technically challenging, as the nursing home required constant heat and power, ideally from a single fuel

Dermot Killeen, Calor’s Project Engineer, explains:

We were contacted by Frank Daly of Kinviro, a partner company of SenerTec, which manufactures the Dachs CHP system. We knew that LPG would provide the answer in terms of cleaner, effi cient fuel, but the customer required an integrated system that met the needs of their business.
Comparative Greenhouse Emission Levels (O2/kWh (NCV))







Peat Briquettes


The nursing home requires constant heat and power, ideally from a single source and opted for an LPG powered CHP installation.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a well-established technology that allows heat and electricity to be produced simultaneously. Previously the preserve of large industrial projects, CHP is now available for smaller commercial or domestic installations.

Heat from the combustion process is captured and used to produce electricity, reducing costs and lowering emissions.

Moreover, the CHP unit has a condenser in addition to its internal heat exchanger, extracting the maximum heat from the exhaust gases, boosting efficiency to 99%.

The Dachs CHP system installed at Middletown uses 20.5kW heat input to deliver a constant 5.5kW of electricity and 12.5kW of heat. In addition, it provides a back-up to the solar panels that are the primary source of hot water. Given its longer maintenance interval compared to oil fired equipment, the LPG powered CHP system targets the base load heat and electrical requirements of the nursing home, with oil and electricity only being used at peak times.

Efficiency is further enhanced with the installation of a 750 litre ‘buffer’ tank, where thermal energy is stored during low demand periods for heating and hot water and released when required.

We have already noticed a real reduction in our electricity bills. We’re delighted with the new system.