Biobased & renewable fuels

We are advancing energy together by increasing our focus on biobased and renewable fuels.

What are biobased & renewable fuels?

Expanding our energy portfolio with biobased and renewable fuels

SHV Energy’s strategy for sustainable development over the next 20 years is to ensure that the source and supply of our clean, safe and efficient gas products becomes increasingly renewable, biobased and lower carbon.

All fuels that are derived from non-fossil feedstock, including things like biomass, manure, waste, agricultural residues and renewable materials are called biobased and renewable fuels. We are exploring the following biobased and renewable fuels: bioLPG, bioLNG, rDME, hydrogen and future fuels, such as ammonia, methanol and novel e-fuels.

rDME, hydrogen and future fuels


Our commitment to innovation in biobased and renewable fuel solutions

SHV Energy Group is proud to supply our customers around the globe with decentralised, clean, safe and efficient energy. We believe that biobased and renewable fuels will play a central role in transitioning to a carbon neutral world.

The use of new renewable and low carbon feedstocks such as biomass, agricultural, residential and industrial waste products is an exciting opportunity for the SHV Energy Group as well as for our partners and customers. We work together with feedstock providers, technology suppliers and policy makers to make sure that biobased gas innovation continues to prosper. As a global decentralised energy supplier, we welcome sustainable, high quality and safe biogas initiatives particularly those that provide cleaner, lower carbon energy for consumers living or working beyond the natural gas grid.  In turn, we remain committed to providing a valuable low carbon alternative energy supply for our ever-increasing customers.


Advancing energy through active collaboration

We are keen to collaborate and encourage options that prioritise off-grid, local and circular solutions. We are actively seeking strong partnerships around the world and engaging with the scientific community. Our current portfolio of projects includes both process optimisation of the HVO route as well as novel conversion technologies that makes the most efficient use of locally available feedstocks, including biobased wastes and residues, in our target markets in Europe, Turkey, India, Brazil, China and the USA. Some examples of these collaborations are included here:

Helicopter view of Delfzijl, The Netherlands

Case study

SHV Energy, SkyNRG and KLM announce a project to build first European plant for sustainable aviation fuel.

SHV Energy has invested in a new plant for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that will be developed by SkyNRG. SHV Energy will purchase the bioLPG that is produced.

Case study

SHV Energy partners with Oberon Fuels to accelerate use of renewable DME (rDME) to decarbonise transportation.

SHV Energy and Oberon Fuels, a producer of ultra-low-carbon, renewable dimethyl ether, have partnered to accelerate the use of renewable DME to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation fuel.

Oberon fuels
Researcher in a field with a test tube and a tablet

Case study

Ulster University collaboration - researching the energy solutions of the future.

We have a global portfolio of research and development projects. We are particularly focused on the area of novel bio-based transformation processes for the production of bioLPG and other biogases from renewable sources of feedstock.


We are a member of several partnerships that help us develop our biobased and renewable fuels.

  • World LPG Assocation
  • Liquid Gas Europe
  • European Biogas Assocation
  • World Biogas Association
  • International DME Assocation
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Partner with us

We are always looking for active partnerships to develop biobased & renewable fuels. Please reach out to us