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Natural gas without the pipeline

Who we are

Who we are

Prima LNG provides best-in-class small-scale LNG supply chain solutions to European brands of SHV Energy. 

Prima LNG sources LNG from import terminals and other supply points across Europe. The LNG is then distributed to customers using our own fleet of LNG trailers. Working with our approved cryogenic equipment suppliers, we can supply LNG installations in all European countries supported by local engineering teams providing ongoing service and maintenance. In conjunction with SHV Energy’s local brands, we offer the full turnkey solution for a customer to switch to LNG and benefit from the lower cost and sustainability benefits of natural gas compared to other off-grid fuels.

Prima LNG's role in SHV Energy is to efficiently transfer knowledge, capture economies of scale and ensure a high safety standard across the group. The local brands of SHV Energy are responsible for all marketing, sales, and customers whilst Prima LNG acts as the fulfilment partner providing equipment and LNG to all regions. By doing this, we can facilitate a fast and efficient service for all customers.

Our mission

Prima LNG enables SHV Energy's European businesses to profitably grow their LNG business with best-in-class supply chain solutions.

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Our solutions

Supply and logistics

We use our own fleet of LNG trailers based at Europe’s main LNG terminals. 

This allows us to be flexible in our routing and gives us the ability to deliver customers situated more than 2,000 km from the point of supply. To give us maximum holding time, we use double-walled, super vacuum insulated LNG trailers to minimise warming of the gas inside. This extends the time before vapour pressure builds up and needs to be vented.

The tank capacity of our dedicated LNG-powered fleet is among the largest on the market in Europe. This means we can carry maximum payloads to minimise customers’ logistics costs.

Prima LNG works with carefully-selected transport partners to offer a choice of flexible distribution routes by road, rail and sea.

We also supply LNG for virtual pipelines where, in the absence of a physical pipeline, LNG is loaded into cryogenic containers for transportation by ship to an LNG installation, at the point of use.

We also provide truck-to-ship bunkering services through a bespoke manifold system that combines the flow of LNG from multiple trucks. This manifold system makes the truck-to-ship bunkering process much more efficient, as it reduces the time needed compared with consecutive truck deliveries.  

Satellite plant & engineering

Working with our approved cryogenic suppliers, we design, build and install LNG satellite plants for industry and LNG refuelling stations. Our engineering solutions are best-in-class and always ahead of the curve.

Our plants are designed to maximise safety. Our process safety standard includes for example an automatic shut down in case of gas detection, notifications from our telemetry platform will allow users to know exactly what is going on inside the plant.
Our plants are designed to ensure continued supply. All plants are fitted with a control panel and telemetry system that gives us a live feed of what is going on in the plant. For example, the gas level so we know exactly when the next delivery will be needed. It also alerts us when maintenance is due or corrective work is needed to get optimal performance from the LNG system.
We have a zero-emissions venting policy. In refuelling stations, we incorporate a Boil Off Management System into the design. When pressure rises in the tank, liquid nitrogen is used to reduce the pressure. This prevents the release of LNG into the atmosphere.
Find out more about LNG Sustainability.

Switching is simple

With growing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, switching to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) can help businesses become more sustainable, meet environmental targets, and reduce their ecological footprint. Whether companies want to use LNG to power their industrial processes or as a fuel for transport, switching from diesel or oil to cleaner, greener natural gas is a simple process:

  1. Understanding needs - examination of the customer's industrial processes or fleet movements to calculate energy requirements.
  2. Proposal - Fully-costed proposal provided by SHV Energy’s local brands, to meet the customer’s specific requirements, including the delivery of LNG.
  3. Design and build - The LNG installation is ordered, built and commissioned to meet customer’s requirements.

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Current vacancies

Currently there are no open vacancies within Prima LNG.

Find more interesting opportunities worldwide within SHV Energy on our Careers page.


Build your career with an energy company that is making a real difference.

Prima LNG enables the European Business Units of SHV Energy to profitably grow the LNG business with best-in-class supply chain solutions. We work across Europe and we are a diverse, multicultural company in a fast growing industry.

Our DNA: multi-cultural, open & honest, minimal hierarchy and bureaucracy, just-do-it mentality, loyal, customer- centric. If you’d like to bring your talent, energy and enthusiasm to our team, we’d like to hear from you!

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