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11/21/2022 Sustainability  | Embedding innovation

SHV Energy announces winners of its Sustainability Innovation Challenge

Christian Haier of CombiFuel Germany presents their LPG conversion kit for diesel trucks proposal during SHV Energy’s Global Sustainability Innovation Challenge Demo Day.
SHV Energy is pleased to announce the winners of its first Global Sustainability Innovation Challenge, launched earlier this year. 

The three winners were selected from over 50 applicants from around the world. They presented the most promising and practical solutions for measuring and reducing CO2 emissions in three areas: efficient transportation & logistics, smart facilities and decision support systems. The winners have earned a fully paid pilot project with SHV Energy, including access to its global network and collaboration opportunities across the business.

The Challenge was launched in August this year to tap innovative ideas from start-ups and scale-ups that will help SHV Energy achieve its ambitious environmental targets.

“The winners of our Sustainability Innovation Challenge will help us take a big step forward in becoming a more sustainable organisation and achieving our goal of reducing 25% of our carbon emissions by 2025,” said Michael Kossack, Management Board Member and Chief Operating Officer of SHV Energy. “We are excited to support these innovative companies in further developing their solutions by providing them access to resources, network and knowledge.”

The three winners are:

IM Efficiency (The Netherlands) - Presented a retrofittable solar panel technology for trucks that results in considerable reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

CombiFuel (Switzerland) - Presented a unique retrofittable LPG conversion kit for diesel trucks and semi-trucks that enables up to 50% use of rDME, bioLPG and LPG, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and costs.

Gravity Climate (USA) - Presented data-driven, step-by-step guidance on actions to reduce CO2 emissions, while making it easy to share insights with upstream and downstream partners.

SHV Energy is also exploring collaborations with two additional finalists:

Meight (Portugal) - Presented an end-to-end freight platform from dispatch planning to route planning, and a mobile app that can train drivers to drive more sustainably.

Sensorfact (The Netherlands) - Presented wireless sensors to measure energy consumption on a machine level every 30 seconds, which provides actionable insights on reducing energy consumption.

Pilot projects with the three winning companies is expected to begin in Q1 2023, following the planning period to agree milestones, deliverables and timelines.

“SHV Energy believes that these companies and their technologies have immense potential to help us reduce our CO2 emissions, and we are confident that our collaboration will help them with their development, go-to-market and expansion activities,” said Frank Rietdijk, Group Sustainability Manager at SHV Energy.