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SHV Energy's response to the situation in Ukraine

SHV Energy

Like other international companies, SHV Energy has been closely following the distressing events unfolding in Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the people who are impacted, many of whom are forced to leave their homes in search of safety.

SHV Energy does not have operations in Ukraine or Russia, except for a limited supply of LPG from Russia. That supply has been stopped for the time being and no further business activity is planned with Russia.

We are also providing aid wherever we can. Our colleagues from Gaspol in Poland, for example, are providing refugee shelters with much-needed gas bottles for heating. We will continue to identify practical ways to extend humanitarian support as we navigate together through this crisis.

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Invention generates new efficiencies

Zhuhai technical team invented an automatic steam purging device and system for cylinders by upgrading the retesting process at Zhuhai retesting station. The team were given the Utility Model Patent Certificate by the China Intellectual Property Office in February 2022.

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